Who was hoarding Remedesvir in Mumbai? 

Who was hoarding Remedesvir in Mumbai? 

Elections Yesterday…

Congratulations to Mamta Didi on thumping victory in West Bengal. Even though she has lost her own seat, the victory of TMC was hers and no one else. No one can take that from her. For information, country’s PM Narendra Modi, HM Amit Shah took 55 rallies together in 60 days and yet were not able to get the majority. Out of the 76 odd seats won by the BJP we should also look at the ones who shifted from the TMC to the BJP and have won. Even though BJP has performed way better than the last time, they have lost 2% of vote share they got it in Lok Sabha 2019. To summarize, West Bengal has accepted BJP as the second largest party out-rooting out and completely throwing off Leftist & Congress for a while now. Remember, ‘Congress Mukt Bharat ‘was BJP’s mantra! My own feeling–BJP would have got both the votes and Government could have been formed had the elections been held 6 months later. ‘Insensitivity’ towards people of Bengal especially in these trying times went against PM Modi & the BJP. At least, Election Commission should have intervened and that could have been a face-saver. How we miss TN Seshan, don’t we?

They say Rahul Gandhi finished off Congress in UP when he campaigned there. Similarly, it happened in Kerala too, it seems. Since last 4 decades, Kerala has seen change in government every 5 years. Yet again Communists have won, and % of vote share has increased for the BJP. In Tamilnadu too, it was first very election without Karunanidhi & the powerful Jayalalita. And yes, ‘South Ka Kejriwal’ Kamal Hassan loosing was not expected, but such is politics. Pandhapur by- elections where entire Pawar family, Jayant Patil and NCP had made it a prestigious issue, one of the reasons of defeat of the MVA candidate could be attributed to Energy Minister Nitin Raut. The electricity bill shock to the Janta and farmers there is said to be one of the biggest factors going against MVA Government. Also, poor handling of Corona and mismanagement of the Government & administration in terms of Oxygen beds, Remedesvir, and many other issues related to Corona, went against the government here in Maharashtra.

Who was hoarding Remedesvir? 

Now, coming to Aapli Mumbai, you know who are/were behind black-marketing of Remedesvir?  This is based on absolute facts and an actual experience as narrated to me. See, many of you readers must have received calls for requirements of this Remedesvir, isn’t it? But the call was just made once or max twice and you never heard from that person again, in most of the cases. Point is, in Mumbai jugaad was happening. Now that currently all BMC hospitals are fully stocked with these veils, there was a time not long ago when people have paid Rs. 50000 per veil when there was a shortage…yes you read it correct! And each patient requiring it would require maximum 6 veils depending on the condition of the patient thus making it a very profitable venture. So, as to what I have heard, an office bearer of a party now in power in Maharashtra was on lookout for such ‘needy & rich’ patients. He would call them or get connected in some or the other way & ask them to wait for a call. A young ‘Christian’ girl not over than 25 years old, calls and the call would come post mid-night for the delivery at either Ambernath or Thane or Kalwa. If you can’t reach there, the stock would be delivered to the Hospital directly the next day. The price is 4 times. On further information received this girl is not even based in Mumbai. She is from Delhi and coordinates here with some “bhai” of a party and a Bandra politician, of the same party, who is also a “stockist of Remedesvir” I’m told. FDA & Police & the BMC should investigate this information. Don’t know who will come up and say it, but at least we now know the areas where ‘stocks’ are been held.

A sincere appeal

Being financially a bit secured by the grace of God and my parents blessings, I am in a position to offer help to families, especially to those who have lost their only earning member of the family due to Corona. In rural parts, as my father wrote yesterday in his blog, widowed women are ‘forced’ to do things in exchange of help by the rich, the situation is really grim everywhere. I’m appealing here because lot of my Facebook friends know a lot of people living in distress here in Mumbai. Mumbai, the only reason I chose is because, we have access to many things here such We Fast, or have grocers delivering straight at homes.

By the way, I’m not donating money. Depending on size of the family me and my like minded friends ON SWEAR by not disclosing any detail of the family that we help, we will fill their homes with ration and BASIC food supplies till situation returns to be normal. No, I won’t make them dependent on this, as I know if they get used to free ration every-month, we might develop a habit of making them lethargic. No, am not being a show-off here or asking or demanding for anything. I could have done that with my house staff’s or building watchmen also. But they have been taken care off. I need families of victims of Corona. Simple, hence the appeal here.

My mobile no is 9004690990. Please whatsapp me. Give me sincere 3 families who need food supplies (ration). All I will need is their address and mobile numbers for communication. My kids won’t mind to have their Sunday fiesta cancelled, if they know we are sharing our food who does not have a father or anyone elder feeding their families. I can do this only for 3 families per month till situation improves. Genuine people please help me.


Vikrant Hemant Joshi



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