Vidhan Bhavan: happenings

Day 3 at Vidhan Bhavan: OFF THE RECORD happenings today

1. RR
Patil in his congratulatory speech for Speaker explaining Khadse that No
2 doesn’t mean in the ministry (Khadse is hellbent on calling himself
No 2 in every aspect in the new govt) & immediately RR looks at Ajit
Pawar (Pawar was no 2 in Congress NCP govt). Has everyone in splits.

2. Shivena looses the plot. Now understand how everything went against
Shivsena. I’m an eye witness from the Press Box. In the day’s agenda
to elect Leader of Opposition was the no 2 agenda. When the speaker
called for this, NCP’s RR Patil very notoriusly tickled Radhakrishna
Vikhe Patil to oppose the same as leader of opposition can be chosen
after government forms majority. Accordinly Radhakrishna tickled
Shivsena’s Ravindra Waykar. Now both of them (*Vikhe & Waykar) came
in the well. With them came ever enthusiast Congress & SS MLA’s in
the well, to give slogans and create ruckus. But in this ruckus,
immediately without wasting any time Speaker Haribhau Bagde made SS
Eknath Shinde Leader of Opposition. Now everyone from the BJP &
other 20 odd members came to wish Shinde. Shinde had no idea what &
how quickly this is happening Then comes the master stroke. Speaker
announces Adv Ashish Shelar‘s
name to call out for motion to prove governments majority & admist
confusion, congress & SS MLA’s still in the well, everyone through
voice gave this BJP majority to form government. Shivsena was too late
or rather technically they had to be in their seats to ask for POLL.
But they were in the well, opposing everything that was happening. It
was game over for Shivsena. BJP & NCP pulled a fast one & these
people didn’t even realize they have just lost 5 years to be in the
government. Now experts tell me this was planned well in advance. NCP
& BJP will engage SS & Congress in some or the other way &
Government will be formed. Pawar saab maan gaye. 

3. Now Eknath
Sambhaji Shinde who is our new leader of opposition, is not fit for the
job. He will be an asset but a person who has been swimming in the lakes
if he is put in a 5 star swimming pool, he will not “stroke” well. 

4. When the governor came to Vidhan Bhavan, Congress was the new
Shivsena. Believe me Congress cant be counted out. They put SS to shame
in terms of aggression and not allowing Governor to enter the VIdhan
Bhavan. Hon. Manikrao Thakare & Anant Gadgil had a bad time by the way they were getting pushed.

5. When Governor was speaking, obviously in English, 90% of MLA’s were
thumping benches after every pause governor made. God Knows what they
understood. Congress continued their spanking even during the address
from the Governor. VArsha Gaikwad just proved to me why her constituency
is Dharavi. SHe can shout & how..

Anyways, a bad day of bad POLTRICKS comes to an end,..All the Best Devendra Fadnavis
& company. Sources say NCP & SS are still hopeful to be a part
of the government. Again to sum it up, Shivsena was tricked…

(Published- 12th Nov. 2014)

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