The curious case of Mansukh Hiran & Sachin Vaze!

The curious case of Mansukh Hiran & Sachin Vaze!

“I am just a piece of the Iceberg in the case” is what API Sachin Vaze has told the NIA, claimed a famous website. As per the website, API Sachin Vaze has also named a few Shivsena leaders/functionaries who have played a major role in the conspiracy in the Ambani Bomb threat case in his 13-hour investigation. Today morning when I opened the papers to read the ‘actual’ news and not the regular one’s, my heart sank to see no one giving details or elaborating what could be the most crucial statements made by API Vaze to the NIA. What our media stressed, is what Sanjay Raut wrote in his editorial and routine press releases made into headlines!

Now my reader friends, let’s revisit this case once. A Scorpio car laid with explosives is found near Ambani house-hold. The owner traced to Mumbra, Mansukh Hiran, is called by the cops regularly for his statements, and one fine day, just when our state’s budget session is on, LoP Devendra Fadnavis comes fuming in the Vidhan Sabha and breaks the news of Hiran’s body being discovered in the Thane creek. Investigation reveals, Mansukh’s Scorpio vehicle that was found near Ambani home filled with explosives, was ‘reported’ stolen few days ago. It was ‘stolen’ from the spot where Mansukh had parked it, as it steering was locked. He had to forcibly park the car on the side of the road and take a TAXI service to go to Crawford Market, do his work, and next day when his man came to pick up the vehicle, it was not found at the parked spot. Now has anyone even thought of one of the most important things missed here? My dear friends from media, has anyone even called even one taxi providing agencies to find out if there is any record of any taxi service being used/booked from by any Mansukh Hiran from the spot of his car breakdown-to Crawford market? If he used Kaali-Peeli, are the CCTV footage’s being monitored? Forget this, how can anyone steal a steering locked vehicle? Does not add up…

Now, when all of this unfolded, I met couple of IPS officers, visited my sources in the department and have made my own observation about the case. Mind you, it is strictly my view–My gut feel says right from Vaze to senior -most cops to some Sena politicians everyone had hatched a plan, and yes, this Mansukh Hiran was a part of this entire conspiracy! To eliminate him was decided on the day, the plan was hatched, as everyone knew this would involve bigger agencies when Ambani name comes in the front, and when it does, Mansukh would sing like a bird. Mansukh Hiran was a ‘collateral damage’. Imagine the frustration and mud-slinging Mumbai CP Param Bir Singh and Thane CP Vivek Phansalkar have to go through now…

This entire episode can also be a case of showing upmanship (Center v/s State) and in the bargain demand some moolah from Ambani along with the same respect and treatment Ambani treats PM Modi & other big leaders, and once & for all make Ambani our permanent donor, after solving the case by state agencies. Can be a big possibility! But don’t they know if there are 5 to 7 families in the world whom you don’t mess with (Oppenheimer, Rothschilds and Walton’s to name a few), Ambani name appears in these families ranks, such is Ambani’s clout in India and world now! Right from CIA to our country’s intelligence everyone must be protecting him. To play with him, is seriously inviting trouble, which this state government might have and my doubt was cleared when yesterday API Vaze said some Shivsena leaders/functionaries were involved in the game plan hatched!

Now, is Vaze, howsoever gutsy, and nice and good person he is (as per Sanjay Raut & his editorial), will he, even if his government is in power, pull this one off all by himself? No, never! His close friends told me; Sachin is not a mad-man! It is impossible to do anything of this magnitude by Vaze without support from the very top. Forget Vaze, no cop would do that. He would not put his life at stake just because few leaders are involved. He must have given a go-ahead from someone who considered himself next to God or a messenger of God! By the way, Sanjay Raut, why don’t you cross verify anyone’s character before making statements. If Vaze was nice, read Mohit Bhartiya’s tweets. Tomorrow you may call Anil Parab “Spot Nana” (villian of 90’s just because he looks like him) and you might declare Sanjay Rathod innocent and virgin too! Problem is, who takes it seriously! Not us, not the public!

By the way, many tried to divert my attention that this entire thing could have been a game-plan of another ‘crooked’ Gangs of Wassepur IPS cop who is practically side-lined by the government for obvious reasons. Some told me it was National agencies, some told me it was Gujarat ATS who did this entire operation, but hello, are we that stupid? National agencies would require Home Department clearance before involving “Ambani” name and believe me not only Home Minister but every BJP Karyakatrta right now is only busy with Bengal. Maharashtra was never on their agenda for past 1.5 years, yes, even after Gujarat, MP, Karnataka, Goa and many such state elections. They will divert their attention here only when they want to, and that day, Maharashtra Politics will be more than interesting for us to report!

Coming back, tell me has anyone heard before NIA taking custody of anyone for more than 2 or 4 days? Very rare of them to ask for Vaze’s custody for more than 10 days. Apparently, a lot has been discovered from his phone. Interesting point to note, even if Vaze was re-instated on the June 5th or 6th of June of 2020, he must have begun his real job only after 9th of June, the day after Disha Salian was thrown out of the window and 13th June, Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment. Interesting na? Why don’t our media houses revisit those days? Who all went to Sushant house and who all went to that house where Disha was thrown out, a lot can be revealed!

Now to the company’s API Vaze is a part of/owns them. Many of the partners are hardcore Sainik’s with API Vaze. It’s OK. I don’t care. By the way, yesterday or day before CM Uddhav Thackeray and son Aditya went to see those electric carriages. Do you know whom has the contract given too? Again, that Dino Morea. Yes, the same Dino Morea because of whom Aditya has been targeted and is given a bad press since Sushant’s days. Had written earlier and will again write it, Aditya needs to get rid of such friends, (read MLA Nitesh Rane’s speech he made in Vidhan-Sabha, Rane has given all the names) before it is too late!

My judgement says, in the coming days NIA will make strong observations and findings in this Mansukh Hiran’s case. A lot of senior-most cops might face the music too as both Devendra Fadnavis and the rest of BJP are gunning for many heads. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh really looked confused and often caught off his guard by Fadnavis in the recently concluded Budget Session, which was all Fadnavis show! He showed it to the opposition 3 parties, and to many in the BJP itself, that he still has it him to run the entire show all by himself.

 In this case, my eyes are on what will Sharad Pawar play? Will this ‘murder’ or ‘suicide’ of Mansukh Hiran die its natural death or at least this time, if even names of many Sena leaders/functionaries and top police officials come out will action be initiated against them, yet remains a big question mark. Will this case be a parting shot for Shivsena & the NCP & the Congress, is to be seen too? Vaze is gone, his image is tarnished, hence his whatsapp status few days ago, of leaving the world and trying to get sympathy was a disastrous strategy!

In the meanwhile, everyone has forgotten about that MP Delkar who committed suicide in Mumbai and an IAS officer from Raipiur who came to Nagpur and committed suicide! All logics and judgement go for a toss in Politics. I fail to understand, is covering up anything an ART or a HABIT now for…. Won’t say for whom, leave it to you to make that decision…


Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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  1. Avatar Kashyap Oza says:

    Dada some Marathi news channel has issued recording with the cab driver And they also given deatils whn he bokked and whr he left … not sure kindly get ur sources to work on it

  2. Dear Shri Vikrant,

    Very well written article indeed. Thank you. As pointed out by Kashyap Oza, Mansukh Hiran took an OLA cab to reach Phule Mandai ( a.k.a. Crawford Market). However, this information does not contradict the overall direction this article is pointing to.

    Regarding the Ambanis, they are in a huddle. That’s because they are nouveau riche. They aren’t an old money ( = generational rich ) like Oppenheim, Rothschilds. They have been rich for only half a century. Should I say they are open to influence? Maybe yes, maybe no. But some people somewhere definitely feel Ambanis are approachable, methinks.

    Humbly yours,
    -Gamma Pailvan

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