Sridevi-Karma is A Bitch! Anyways–RIP

Sridevi-Karma is A Bitch! Anyways–RIP

Please note: The below article is not for people who don’t want us to rattle our brain as to what went wrong in Dubai. We yet copy these actors my friends, if not us, but someone somewhere living in Bhatinda or a Kolkata surely looks up to them & does everything what these actors do….These actors can do hell lot of things to themselves, but if we write on it, since we know it, we can save some lives of people aping them right? And please, We still live in a free country….Let me put by thoughts below…

Steroids (Fat burners) & Alcohol led to a massive cardiac arrest leading to her death. The forehead got cut, as SHE slipped in the bathroom, & unluckily she fell in the bath tub. If drowning was the cause of death mentioned, the bath tub must have been filled with water & thats the reason for her death as certified by the authorities.

Now as per reports, HE was present in the room. After 15 minutes he checked on her and called his friend when he broke open the bathroom door. They (he & the friend) waited for quite sometime before the Doctors and the Police were informed. What were they doing all this while? Were they trained to handle the situation? She was staying at a 5 star. One emergency phone call to the hotel reception, might be…might be…am saying something would have worked out… FYI, all 5 star hotels have staff’s trained to perform CPR and whatever it takes to do the first handling of a patient. But situation is such, your brain does not work. It is easy for us to judge someone or the action they do, but someone had lost HIS dearest wife that day.

But again, if he knew the substances taken by HER were harmful, he could have stopped her right? & to top that the correctional surgeries that were performed on her. I mean, I love my wife to death, but if she does some crazy things to herself (even if we are in Glamour business) I shall put my foot down friends to stop her, what say? Won’t you too, even if it means to get a low score on your airport looks….

I’m not sure, but generally when a celebrity status person dies in any country usually the clearances and handing of bodies is done pretty swiftly, right? What are the doubts circulating in the authorities mind, that it took them more than 48 hours to hand over the body? What could be the reason? 

Finally, See how Karma plays its meanest role. I personally believe there is no Heaven or Hell. All happens due to your KARMA…Mona, his first wife, was a sweetheart of all they say. She was life of any party and had heart as large as a queen. But then few years of marriage, SHE entered in HIS married life. They say M took this betrayal so much to her heart that she din’t even want to fight against a life taking disease that had struck her. Her son was about to make his acting debut…2 months prior to that M died. Now SHE has died too in Dubai…her daughter will make her debut soon in bollywood… Always believe, KARMA IS A BITCH!!

RIP Sridevi!!

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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