Some OFF THE RECORD baatein!

Some OFF THE RECORD baatein !!

1. Guess who is this officer in the thick of Revenue Department? 

He loves his tea’s that are available in many flavours near KC college, Churchgate. He meets all his “clients” there for a cup of tea , cracks his deal and goes back to Mantralaya again. FYI, as per an initiative by Government of Maharashtra many Additional Collector rank officers and below were required to be transferred to Vidharbha, Marathwada, North Maharashtra, Kokan & then to Western Maharashtra in order to bring justice to the backward areas,where for a long period of time many crucial posts remained vacant. One Additional Collector as per this initiative, now posted at Thane, was given Beed. Heard this Additional Collector met this tea lover officer near KC college, then they both visited the office of Revenue Minister & bang…next day he was given Thane. Another story–Once all deputy collectors orders had come signed from the CMO and only work this tea lover officer had to do was to type the orders…Yes!! he loves to types orders on his own…but I don’t know who wrote above CM’s signature “चर्चा करावी” …CM office has OFF THE RECORD denied this…but later it was established that every deputy collector mentioned in the order was called at KC college separately and handed over his order only after he coughed up money…. महसूल मध्ये प्रत्येक अधिकारीच “माणिक” आहे राव!

2. OK now lets guess who is this Sankhe? 

In this “Vishal” world we come across many elements who grow big in small time and come down with equal gusto if a small mistake is committed. Such fragile is our world. Then they repent. Since last 3 years, a big time Merchant, a businessman, (Oh no… he is no Merchant of Venice, but Merchant of Ballard Pier) who is solely responsible for implementation and follow up of policies trickling down from the Centre to our state, this Merchant on behalf of certain Amitbhai, is the man to watch out for… Bhosale’s (from Pune) Rolls Royce is often seen parked at Merchant’s Ballard Pier office; such big is this Merchant. Now Merchant saab has recruited many players to do the ground work like handling cash, following up and so on. One of them is this Sankhe. I’m told he is young, dynamic and a go-getter. Knows most of the bureaucracy at Maharashtra level and is often spotted around their offices too. But let me give one advice to all these budding “Liasioner’s”–these recruiters on whose behalf we act as if we own the world, my dear friend, these recruiters are nothing but those mafia’s who believe only in one thing, “काम ख़तम, आदमी ख़तम” just an advice my friend….

3. Now some positive news…Hats off to Minister Girish Bapat & his entire team!

Yesterday at Mantralaya, on the occasion of National Consumers Day, CM Devendra Fadnavis & Minister Girish Bapat felicitated many activists and social workers for their immense contribution in regard to consumer protection, it’s issues & challenges faced everyday and the work these people put in to bridge the gap. Special shout out to IAS Mahesh Pathak, IPS Amitabh Gupta, Controller of Rationing Dilip Shinde, & PS to Min Bapat Chintamani Joshi for making this event a grand success. Amongst the 9 activists /Social Workers, felicitated my purpose of attending was that my mentor was getting honoured. Shri Ragvendra Yajurvedi (Rao) who runs Society for Awareness of Civil Rights NGO has worked day in day out in this field of Food & Civil Supply and has tremendous study and grip even in FDA. Even today many senior journalists take his reference and do breaking stories. Rao saab’s needs special mention for his achievement on price reduction in stent prices and orthopaedic implants and other medical devices that includes recovery of excess money charged on Crocin drug by Rs. 47.5 crore by GlaxoSmithKline…It was credited back to the government only due to his efforts. Sir, Salaam !! 

Vikrant Joshi 

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