Sanjay Raut misses the trick! Deepak Kapoor the Hero of SRA & MLA Ameet Satam jaisa HARDICH koi nahi hai!!

Sanjay Raut misses the trick!

IAS Deepak Kapoor the Hero of SRA

& MLA Ameet Satam jaisa HARDICH koi nahi hai!!

Don’t we all have that friend whom we avoid once he or she is drunk? Avoid especially when you have your spouse with you. After few drinks this one friend has an habit of saying only that one thing, for which especially we husbands, curse him for the rest of the week for what he said in front of the wife. No matter how many times this friend says sorry, he has already done that damage in our marital life for that one week. Please agree, We all have that one friend in our lives but believe me , we are far better as we can always salvage the situation since its our partner & he/she know us better… but  does CM Uddhav Thackrey have an option? He has Sanjay Raut!!! Raut, who will never keep quiet. If I was  the BJP, I would just SHUT UP and let  people like Sanjay Raut do the damage to this newly formed Government by just talking & apologising. Uddhav Thackrey, please if you DON’T want any hassle’s with your partner’s in Government, please send Sanjay Raut on a compulsory paid vacation to Andaman island. And yes, by the way, Just the way Congress made Raut come back on his statements made, Uddhav ji, now  it is your turn to ask Congress to retract on what they had said about Veer Savarkar. Then only we will say this Government is formed with equal terms.  

On to Deepak Kapoor & SRA–Do you all know–in these last 2/3 years since the time Deepak Kapoor has taken charge of the SRA, there are 75 LOIs issued, 351 revised LOI’s making the total to 426 LOI’s— 9058 tenements have been involved in LOI, 92037 in revised LOI , 242 O.C.C have been issued for 24796 tenements. This means One LOI each takes 1.73 days, minimum 3 LOIs per week and to top it, not a single allegation on the department since Kapoor has taken charge. Way to go!! Even SRA can perform, Kapoor has showed us. I remember one of senior officer from SRA telling me, the time Deepak Kapoor has come 95% of the office has become clean and bogus builders/developers shiver to enter his cabin. And yes, the number of morcha’s too have been reduced. Now the talks of changing Kapoor from SRA were doing rounds since last year, but my request to CM Uddhav will be to keep him till he finishes his full tenure. That remaining 5% work of cleaning has to be done.

I met MLA Ameet Satam over coffee last week for the first time. Two weeks ago my father had written about his experience on taking walks on Juhu Beach in his marathi blog. Amit Satam went ahead and took necessary action with the help of cops & the problem is somewhat solved, which brought me a chance to meet & thank him. See, we journalists meet 1000s of people, I have noticed nowadays everyone has an opinion. Suddenly our society has become more judgemental about anything and everyone. It’s become our nature & in someway or the other we too  start getting influenced by such talks. I’m more of what you see is what you get person,  I straight away poured all my heart in front of Satam about his so called ‘image’ and no caring attitude. We sat for 2 hours and today I can say, Satam is painted as a different person than what he actually is. He is working silently for he cause of his party and is like a man who does not care what others will think about him …He does not mince his words, is his only bad quality. Very direct & very firm. I think it is because of this attitude  only that inspite of having severe competition for his constituency to grab the ticket, the party gave a nod to his name. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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