Politicians don't die like this….

It is a fact that our country’s politician really have a stressful life. Be it Congress President Sonia Gandhi, NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, Ex CM of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sena MLA Bala Sawant and now ex Home Minister RR Patil, all were and are cursed with life taking diseases. Some are bearing the pain and living a painful life, but some of them have already succumbed to it. My heart goes out to the families of these politicians. Recent deaths of RR PATIL and Vialsrao Deshmukh certainly came at the wrong age. This is sheer negligence on part of them or their immediate families to not to undergo timely medical examination of their bodies, or if so, not to attend it seriously.

Now for instance, Vilasrao was known to know about his illness a year ago before his death and RR Patil knew about his ailment almost 8 months ago. But due to their hectic lifestyles, tensions, people meets, party formalities, elections and so on these guys neglected their health. Even if they are diagnosed with any ailment the will is there to take it seriously, but due to continuous pressures they just didn’t take precaution.  Aaba is a living example. Why do we have to deal with losses of good leaders, just because of carelessness Is my question? With politicians, even party workers, office bearers go through this. I have so many examples to cite this. Our bureaucrats, not all deserve our hatred! Even they have families. Ok. Ailments can be physical, what about the mental stress? For example our policemen. Just for a day, try to stand at the Sion circle as a traffic cop, am sure you will come out having bronchitis in a month. Not done. We need good governance. We need fit politicians, bureaucrats and officers to administer our state. We can’t just let another Vilasrao or Aaba to leave us before time.

Now if they are overdoing with the health, comes “addictions” supplementing. Some smoke, some drink heavily, some chew tobacco and some are so addicted to “outside sex”. What if the person who is sleeping with you is 100% clean? What if she/he has HIV or TB? Or even a small viral? My suggestion,,,,strict suggestion….the good government should immediately make health check ups of all these people mentioned above compulsory at any Government Hospital. Many will say, there is such a rule, but how about following it up? Had Aaba or Vilasrao’s family taken due care at the right time, these people would have been with us now. Make their reports available to the next kin. A simple acidity or diabetics can lead to dangerous outcomes. Our MLA’s who come from the rural parts think they are absolute invincible. Please take health seriously. Pollution and Adulteration  another fact of our lives, cannot be eliminated. What’s the use of the money you people make if you are not there to enjoy the same. Again, I’m stressing, world is way ahead of us, let’s compete. Not die of cancer and heart attacks, leaders! Also…at the end what is destined has to happen, but as the ancient saying goes, Precaution is better than cure!!

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  1. Avatar PRASAD says:

    First let me congratulate for thinking so seriously about the politicians health, who are usually last species in India to receive good wishes nowadays.
    You are right on spot while identifying the key reason for untimely deaths of leaders, not all are good leaders.
    Few leaders have come out successful from big ailments, again live example NCP supremo Sharad Pawar and others succumbed. As you said regular check ups, precautions all is fine, what about having pure, clean character and promoting good behavior, abandoning the tobacco/smoking/drinking addictions and making it public.

    Unless man changes his/her behavior by his/her own will, no precaution/check up can contain ailment or cancer.

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