Oh, I love Life! Thanks for everything! The good, the bad!!!

It’s all fair when a friend loves you in real sense. Friendship shouldn’t be bound by if’s and but’s . It doesn’t see caste and creed. It’s not about give and take. Either you give or you take. A true friend will never be the one screeming on top of his voice claiming what he can do for you. He will just act and get it done. He might not be with you in your best of times, but surely, he will be the first one to be present in your darkest hour. He will not be there to share a drink when you have others “crowding” with you , but he will be the one toasting that drink for you. But today friendship has altogether taken a new meaning. Friendship is about “how useful” the person is today? I’m a political journalist. I have a lot of crowd around me, who never invite me at their parties, but certainly am their best friend when when they need any kind of favours. I certainly have a friend in real sense who is a 47 year old gentleman, who would put to shame any 30 year, old given his attitude towards life, Vikash, I love you! I have a couple of 65 year old friends in Roasaheb and Bhau Torsekar, who are more than a guide to me, whom i can turn to as a son at any hour, and i certianly have my father and my wife as bestest of my friends who are there in all the times I need them and not viceversa. These people don’t call me when they are in distress. These 5 people will never let me fall also. When i chose to enter Journalism after my MBA in International Business and Masters in Marketing from the UK, and after 4.5 years of Corporate job with six digit salary per month, these were the people who stood behind my decision. They have known my fears and tears and often been there for me through this journey of last 5 years in Journalism. Anyways, the problem arises when you have expectations…

 Friend’s shouldn’t care where you come from, what can you add to them, how many cars you drive, have you changed your brand or no….oh no….its all about accepting. Can i just accept today that my life is incomplete with these bunch of “avengers”? Oh yes, how can I forget my Alcoholics Anonymous Group whom we love to death, certainly these guys are my painkillers….

Importanttip … beware of friends or could I put them into the “crowd category” who just love you to death in happier times, but will not waste a single opportunity to tease you, mock you, demoralise you, if you just strike a wrong cord, even by mistake, with them ONCE….oh yes, given my happy go lucky nature, i have encountered them alot…im sure even you have….but don’t let them put you down..correct the mistake you have done unintentionally, am sure things will be sorted. Your friends should understand that if you are keeping quite, it is not out of fear or the might has scared you, you are actually speaking a thousand words then and your fearing that in the heat of the moment, you might just loose someone close. Be giving, be simple, make them laugh but dont let them take you for granted. Follow the rule, ” sab kuch sikha humne, naa sikhi hosiyaari, sach hai duniyaa waalon….hum hai anaari….”

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