OFF THE RECORD review on today’s newspaper headlines

1. Maratha stir now at city’s gates, Open guns for govt- The Times of India

This means around 5 lakh people are aiming to be on the streets tomorrow at Navi Mumbai. Good news is parents won’t send their children to schools, shopkeepers will keep shops closed and Navi Mumbai will come to a standstill. City will be ruined with the filth 5 lakh people will cause and “poor” policeman’s pride and patience will be at stake till the last man at the “silent march” decides to go home. I am thinking of dropping my surname “Joshi” now…ना रहेगा बास, ना बजेगी बासुरी!

2. Ajit Pawar kicks up storm after throwing barb at community-The Times of India

For the very first time, don’t feel like criticising Ajit Pawar. The Maratha community is demanding reservation in Job & education when they comprise 32% of our Maharashtra’s population.  But what Ajit Pawar said, when it comes to marriage within the community, they want to prove they are higher in strata than the poor Maratha’s. But Ajitdada, if you don’t know, this is a common practice in us, Indians I call them… 

3. Anti-dengue drive finds babus are at fault too–Mumbai Mirror 

This statement didn’t make sense. Did the officers actually invite mosquitos carrying the virus personally home? I mean, who does that…How come officers are fault? Had they mentioned about failing to maintain cleanliness it would have sounded better. No one on purpose invites trouble, but yes IF you observe quickly what are the officers names? Navin Sona, AK Jain, Aashishkumar Singh & Shyamlal Goyal. Even for once, I want to be castist. There is no marathi manoos in the list. We are proud Marathi people who keep our house & surroundings clean & hygienic. 

4. “सरकारी  नोकऱ्यामध्ये ३०% टक्के कपात–पान १

    ” एसटी महामंडळात होणार जम्बो भरती–पान  २ —-लोकमत  

Just for the sake to think, wasn’t it funny to see both the headlines which are pointedly foolish in the same paper? Thank God for the Editor who didn’t put both the news in the same frame. But before the Government thinks of adopting “automation” and ending man dependance, how about filling the posts  in departments which are vacant since years in the most crucial Home Department.  No automation will fight naxalism. 

५ म्हसे भिवंडी, तर राजेंद्र निंबाळकर उल्हासनगरचे पालिका आयुक्त– सामना

8th August 2016 i.e. exactly a month and 10 days ago Yogesh Mhase, Rajendra Nimbalkar, Ashok Shingare were handed over portfolios which were different then now. Happens. Governments change, style of functioning does not!

६. मंत्रीपदी असताना ‘असे’ व्यवहार करणे अयोग्यच–लोकसत्ता 

Who will convince the Judge, Media, & whosoever that Khadse’s love for his daughter & son-in-law went against him & costed him his career?

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