OFF THE RECORD review on today’s headlines

1. Kurla Mall blatantly flouting DP norms-Mumbai Mirror

The violations are in regard to the restaurants operating in the ventilation area. Also the parking charges of the same are collected which were found to be illegal by the BMC. Now, along with this Pheonix Kurla Mall, Phenix Palladium mall that is located at Parel is also known to flout norms in terms of BMC guidelines in the construction & operations. Illegal parking Charges are taken at his Mall as well.  SMASH, another play zone at Pandurang Budhwar Marg, Worli takes as much as Rs. 150/- on weekends as parking charges. Now do you know who collects this parking charges from these 3 places? Goons/ex-military/ex-policemen working as security lads for Krystal Securities, company which is owned by NCP sorry BJP heavyweight politico Prasad Lad. I have heard a lot of politicians including Walse Patil, Jayant Patil, Bhujbal, Jitendra Ahvad,Pravin Darekar are silently partners in this group. Talk about menace & illegal businesses politicos own.

2. मंत्रलायची इमारत असुरक्षित-अतुल कुलकर्णी 

This is a classic example of yellow journalism.  Last week itself, I read in some newspaper that Chandrakantdada Patil, Minister for PWD, needed funds of Rs. 100 crores for Mantralaya makeover again or a part of it. Now everyone knows that the State is debt ridden and money will be provided only to departments or schemes which are of utmost urgency. The said journalist who has reported this story today, is known to know too much and take advantage of such things. Right from transfers in Home Department during RR Patil regime (god bless his soul, he was a good man but his PERSONAL staff…hmm), to FDA, to Kharmate RTO re-recruitment to Public Health Department menace, whenever there is a SERIES appearing in Lokmat, I for sure know, it’s christmas time. Accordingly CM & FM Mungantiwar or the cabinet wouldn’t have sanctioned the funds.  Today when I read, it was reported that when the new Mantralaya building was made, the authorities had granted the building a Structural Stability Certificate; but the entire building or project was carried out without a Project Management Consultant. Now journalist sir, where is the comment of Unity Constructions, who had actually constructed the new building in the whole article? The building becomes “unsafe” just because it didn’t have a PMC? Who was Raja Adery then? Who was M/s Raje Structural Company then? If  Tongaokar (EE-Kurla) had said that M/s Raje Structural Company cannot be appointed as the PMC, why was he silent till Jan 2016? Hard to digest. Now accordingly this journalist, out of no where, has HIMSELF asked for an ACB inquiry. Friends, this is how pressure is built by Journalist’s on any department. It is later easy to take news & other things in exchange of rude attitude for which, this journalist is famous for. Now the said journalist will catch hold of some MLA/MLC and this question will be put forth in the upcoming winter session at Nagpur. Inquiry will be set on. And booing to the pressure,  if an inquiry by the department is set, for next 3 years all the engineers of the raped PWD department will be scared of this journalist. Hafta’s will begin. This is how mafiosi also works right? And god forbid, if the Minister gets the funds sanctioned, it’s Christmas again!!

3. बाजोरिया कन्सट्रक्शनवर घोटाळ्याचा आरोप–लोकमत 

Who had triggered the infamous Yavatmal Sex Scandal in Vidhan parishad on the 28th July 2016? It was MLC Sandip Bajoria. Before he entered the upper house, I met him at the entrance. With a twinkle in his eye, he had asked me to attend the house from the Press Box saying I’m raising this issue in the house. Even in that fraction of second what I got, I had told him to be careful, as Darda’s are known to be vicious. It is simple, you scratch mine, I will scratch your’s!

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