OFF THE RECORD review on today’s headlines

1. Minister’s visiting you today, stay a km away! Times of India

हिलाच घाबरले असतील बिचारे आदिवासी! बाईमाणूस कुठली!! But as per latest update, the imposed rule has been uplifted. But seriously if such is the condition of the state, that the Minister’s are scared to visit constituency, it is a moral loss for the Government. This will further bridge the gap between the masses and the government and create hatred amongst the people. Out of this hatred for the Government, a negative feeling starts developing, which in turn will be violent in nature. Now, there will be a community who will come from other states or from border’s of Maharashtra to help and cajole the people of Palghar. When & how is Naxalism born? This is the way !! 

2. Mehta to state: Make BMC sole planning agency for city: Times of India

A perfect sensible way to at least make the city breathe again! Firstly, a very Happy Birthday to the BMC chief! Hats off to the man who dared to bare the corrupt nexus that existed in the BMC. Not only exposing but going all the way to punish the culprits. But sir, this is OK when CM and BJP is in power. There is no option for Shivsena at least in Mumbai. All these blacklisted road contractors existed in the system only because they had the blessings of Matoshree, and you have just rubbed them the wrong way, which we all Mumbaikar’s knew & appreciate. But make sure you fix this problem for good, as the stay of any bureaucrat or party in BMC is temporary, exception Shivsena!In regard to your statement in the TOI today, fully agree as who knows the city, its water connections, it’s illegal sanctions of the buildings, it’s slum’s better than BMC? 

3. शासकीय नोकरयांमध्ये ३० टक्के कपात ! लोकसता 

Cut-copy-paste…Read this yesterday in Lokmat. 

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