OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Bhushan Gagrani may be shifted to UD. 

Thats it, I’m done with this…Cannot digest this…Who is playing these cards in the CMO? Is it Mr. Foreigner? Or is it the CM himself –whose some decisions on the transfers of IAS have surely left a void in my head-space. I’m sure CM has thought hard & long enough before he makes these transfers.  Today, in The Times of India, he is quoted saying that it was him who had the 4 officers caught in the cash-for-transfer scam. If Mr. Fadnavis is wanting his state clean up to this level, then who is playing with the IAS officers this way? Aren’t they diligently suppose to complete 3 years of service & then be judged on their performance before being considered for transfers? Today I’m sure none of these IAS officers are themselves sure what is going to happening next. This stops them from working aggressively and hence movement of the files has just stopped, thus ensuring no progress!

Anyway, after ages and Sanjay Bhatia, Cidco finally saw a man who knows his work and knows how to get it done. Thats Bhushan Gagrani for you. He is moving and slowing inching towards completion of the ambitious airport & many other projects of Navi Mumbai that was BJP’s dream project. So is it Mr. Foreigner who does not want all of this? Or is he acting on someones instructions from (a heavyweight Minister in Delhi) Nagpur whom he is considered a pet? I feel this heavy weight Minister from the Centre is also one of the key suspects of the farmer agitation in the state. Devendra Fadnavis is getting back-stabbed & how…By the way–Mr Foreigner’s father-in-law, an ex CS, bloody cannot walk straight still is seen at Mantralaya with files folded in this armpits… Similar case with  Mr. Foreigner’s brother-in-law…Samruddhi expose (Mumbai nagpur highway)will expose this brother in law big time…Mark my words!!

Anyways in regard to IAS transfers–did I just hear that Jagdish Patil got promoted as Kokan Commissioner in matter of what a month when he had taken charge as the Co-operation Commissioner? I mean why why why? To top that my Facebook timeline showed Shivaji Pahinkar & Satish Soni welcoming him. Is Jagdish Patil that influential? Now in corridors of power they are saying Dr. Karir is interested in coming to the BMC. Manukumar Shrivastava is in the race. I’m sure any of these two will take the baton smartly, but if it is UPS Madan, with due respect, this super gentleman will be torn in between ‘forcible’ Uddhav Thackrey & ‘dismissive’ Fadnavis. OK…why is such an important post of Thane Collectorate being filled with likes of Kalyankar? Was he an apt replacement for Ashwini Joshi? Apparently a black bear Minister from Vidharbha didn’t want Kalyankar in his hometown and a “Gujarati” Minister in the Cabinet brokered the deal. By the way, Kalyankar’s colleagues & batchmates are still serving as ZP CEO’s in Gondias, Akola , & Yavatmal & Buldhana? Forget city life they haven’t had clean water to drink since last 2 years…This is where I’m braindead! Thank God, as Kishore Raje Nimbalkar  (then ZP CEO Thane) much senior to Kalyankar, got transferred to Jalgaon as MC…they say he was miffed every time while addressing Collector Kalyankar as “Sir”… 

 Another example to cite is that of a senior bureaucrat who has all of his experience of Housing, just because he opposed some points favouring builders in RERA is shunted to Home now. Its not his field. The post gets wasted & it hinders the growth. Again, one transfer which I loved was that of dashing & clean image- Sanjay Deshmukh being sent to Medical Education–2 things will happen…either Deshmukh will get harrowed & slap the Dean of one Hospital or the Dean will find another friend after Rameshwar–in Deshmukh…Minister Girish Mahajan is already plotting ideas to get Deshmukh shunted elsewhere. When such transfers happen, it makes me smile and thank the CM–but sir, when are you considering departments like PWD & SRA? 

Now I’m not worried about Tribal Department anymore even after the Minister’s son Hemant & staff’s of Savra have made merry..They have NOW got the firebrand Manisha Verma as Secretary, & RG Kulkarni as the Commissioner..Both are excellent…but they should be away from the sweet talks of Savra’s staff though…Mind you friends–Savra is a very good man typical RSS cadre…but his second wife, this Hemant from the first wife & one of the staff of his own–blackmail him day in & day out to get their works done…Savra is living a hard life…but don’t worry–my eyes & RTI’s have already made ways in Savra’s office. 

But I’m surely worried for Social Welfare Department. Again I did not like CM’s move here. Mr. Dinesh Waghmare  has been shunted here from being Commissioner at Pimpri Chincwad Corporation. A place where we have the likes of Shikar Pardeshi served–Waghmare was never his descendant…Anyways what happen to the case wherein Waghmare when PCMC Comm, his PA was caught taking a bribe of 12 lakhs? Tell me in all honesty–which PA is so big? It was definately must be for his master–but hey!! the master gets promoted & comes as Secretary in mantralaya…

Chief Secretary Sumit Mullick is getting retired soon and is eyeing the post of State CIC…so my gut feel says, if possible, Ajoy Mehta will have a brief stint as the Chief Secretary before dashing off to Delhi…Sales Tax is an able hands–Rajiv Jalota & S.Sheila are brilliant…One of the liaisoner happen to reach Kerela and they found Shaila Madam’s brother who is an IAS there to manage things here of a particular case..But they failed & how–Apparently Shaila Madam is just too good at handling external forces…I don’t know what is Parag Jain Nainuttia doing at Sales Tax? He who single handedly handled MTDC & gave it a face–is a bit wasted there. Time for him to get out of the shell. Sanjay Sethi & gang of non marathi (Jain & Marwari) IAS officers– how about helping Jain saab? By the way, where is Asim Gupta? Why this Nagpur friendly person being given side posting? 

Co-operation department looks good once again after Chandrakant Dalvi has taken reigns of the department in his hands. Time to keep a close watch on this Pahinkar & Marketing Committee’s every move sir…Feel bad for abrupt transfer of E Ravindran ex KDMC Commissioner–Sanjay Gharat from ages is ruining the Kalyan-Dombivali there but who pays attention to him..After all his favourite & partner in crime Minister Ravindra Chavan is protecting Gharat, right? 

Yesterday one of the senior journalist tried to provoke an activist in regard to the appointment of Dr. Pallavi Darade, an IRS to the post of FDA Commissioner…he said it is against the Justice Lentin Commission report. But Mr. retired journalist, do you think CM has not even taught about this? I’m sure they have their weapons ready to fight when this issue will come up…but Dr Darade must be aware of the Joint Commissioners there–FDA is a very fragile post..One mistake & the wrath of activists & journalists will make it difficult to bear…as every person in the department is an information provider to journo’s…but I’m sure Dr Darade will be the winner here as well, boss if she can handle politics at the BMC, put her in Assam, she will perform there also…

People who joined in as Collectors are picked & moved as if there is no tomorrow. Some Collectors who are doing a decent job, but are being harassed by local MLAs & leaders, want to get transferred. Now our CM should pay attention to some of these in metros. 

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