OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. 19 female foetuses were found dumped in Sangli region yesterday  The heinous crime came to light when the police were investigating a death of a 26 year old from Sangli following the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP), unearthed remains of 19 female foetuses, some 500 metres from Mhaisal village near Miraj in Sangli district. Sex determination of this foetuses is yet to be confirmed but the concerned doctor whose name is doing the rounds for doing such heinous crime, remains  absconding. What could be the reason for killing of female child? How can a mother do this?— Strictly my views and surely it can be one of the major reason for killing of a girl child there– see Mhaisa is very nearby to Miraj. Miraj is famous for prostitution (flesh trade) not today but since early 80’s.  Just google this article that appeared in India Today in 1986 and you will know where I’m coming from (“The annual Arab influx has not only come to exert a stranglehold on the economy of Miraj but has corrupted the ethics of many a local doctor”) But yet today in small towns and the mentality of the people residing there must be traditional, I presume! Any girl born (in that particular tribe) surely will be forced in the flesh business /prostitution, is what the the tradition must be. There is no law & order there when it comes to traditions in rural parts. The MLA’s there know everything including the police.  Though the crime committed by the mother’s (yes I hold them equally responsible) or the doctors is heinous, boss which mother wants her child become a prostitute, you tell me– Hence it won’t come as a surprise to me, if the State Government is coming clean on this, that there was equal participation of the mother or the immediate family. These are just my thoughts given at the history of Miraj and nearby areas. Rest government has ordered a probe, let us wait for the report. 

2. Blog in Marathi on MLA Uday Samant: Please click the following link :

सामंत दणाणून सोडला आसमंत : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3. Today began Maharashtra State’s Budget Session 2017. Address delivered by the Governor did not see much turnout of MLA’s. By the way, the upper house, Vidhan Parishad has gone completely paperless. Detachable Tabs installed on the desks of all the members. All members will now have to refer to tabs while speaking. Now no one can tear up papers while creating uproar in the house. 

4. Those who thinking that the BJP after say 2 to 6 months will withdraw their support in the BMC and get it’s Mayor & Standing Committee Chairman, nothing of this sort will happen, confirmed a senior Mumbai MLA. BJP will support the Shivsena. But the MLA also did not deny mid-term polls looking at the election results of the remaining states. Looks like someone wants the whole majority. 

5. Apparently, office of Jaykumar Raval, Minister for Tourism, does not take CMO seriously. Not once but it has become a regular habit of the Minister’s staff to keep the CMO in a fix over certain issues. Today, Energy & Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule’s daughter is getting married. Obviously majority of the Ministers will be flying to Nagpur to grace the occasion. CM will be going via a chartered flight as per reports. But this chartered flight has limited seats and Jaykumar Raval had confirmed his seat earlier. But today, the Minister’s staff till morning was not confirming if the Minister will actually attend the wedding or not. Senior other Minister’s were turned down as Raval had  earlier confirmed his seat. But continous back forth  angered the CMO and the PA of Raval was reprimanded for this casual attitude of the staff and even the Minister, towards the CMO. 

6. LOP Dhananjay Munde demanded suspension of BJP MLC Prashant Paricharak. Paricharak had passed derogatory remarks against wives of Army Jawan’s. Army Jawan are posted on the border for a year and still he gets letter from his wife of a child been born, was the comment made by Paricharak. Surely not a humane thing to say about our Jawan’s, Mr. Paricharak.

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