OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Mumbai Mirror’s take on Vijay Mallaya & news of transfer of bureaucrats. 

Please read Mumbai Mirror’s page 2 titled “The Informer” and read the item  on Vijay Mallya. By the way on my Facebook Page had shared this photo 2 days ago while Mirror lays its hands today. Anyways, I was so depressed & angry with reporter who wrote only ‘positive’ on this Mallya. Boss, this Mallya has looted our country and is human parasite when it comes to cheating.

Second piece of news was on the transfer of bureaucrats. The paper has conveniently termed IRS officer Dr. Palllavi Darade as a “poor performer”. The reporter of this paper (just because he did not get the respect from her) went on criticising Dr. Pallavi Darade throughout her stint as Additional Municipal Commissioner. Now, I would like to tell that star reporter of Mumbai Mirror, “My friend, it was Mumbai who was awarded the first city in Megacities, and 10th overall in India in the Swachh Baharat Abhiyaan last year”. This was her performance. By the way, Mumbai has lost the ranking after the charge was abruptly taken from Dr Darade. How can one forget her fight against “goons” at Linking road to clear the illegal shopping centres?  I have taken her interview for our publicity portal If someone wants to read bout her achievements, read there. She was a  a victim of politics and only thing that went against her was an IRS occupied an IAS chair. 

2. I’m not linked to Firms booked for Irrigation deals: Ajit Pawar 

IT IS LIKE–Sunny Leone claiming she is a virgin, Dr. Mahendra Kalyankar claiming his friendship with SP Thane (Excise) is as clean as river Ganga, Minister Girish Mahajan claiming he is a one women man, Sharad Pawar claiming his love for farmers and MLA Dr. Bharti Lovekar claiming she became an MLA only with her sheer hard work and Mete had no role in it….काय चाललंय काय ? Ajit Pawar, at least before making such statements, consult KAKA as he will always ask you to just SHUT UP!!….By the way readers, Devendra Fadnavis has just begun the game who troubled/blackmailed him during the ongoing Farmers agitation….

3. Prafulla Marpakwar on transfer of bureaucrats. 

Of all including the GAD ,everyone was surprised to read today morning’s TOI wherein the transfer of two additional IAS officers was mentioned as against 16 declared yesterday by the GAD.  Being a veteran journalist and in Mantralaya for more than 2 decades, Marpakwar sir surely has his sources at the GAD & CMO. The undeclared transfers to “aam journalists” were that of Dr. Pallavi Darade appointed as FDA Commissioner & Milind Mhaiskar appointed as MD Mhada. But rumours on the 6th floor at Mantralaya and at Varsha refuse to die down….they claim the CM is not so happy with the veteran journalist for reasons best known to him and avoids meeting him anymore, and as far as the views of the veteran journalist goes, who by the way, was the only journalist to have dinner on the first day at Varsha with the CM on Oct 31st 2014, Marpakwar sir has dismissed Fadnavis’s style of functioning in the state to his close friends and is not happy with him too. Talk about “अंगूर खट्टे”… 

4. Praful Patel and ongoing inquiry for NCP 

Todays Loksatta news! But before that just go on the my blog and read how my father Hemant Joshi has ripped apart Praful Patel in 4 parts titled “लोकसत्ता आणि लोकमत” Just read that…But it is in Marathi…you will know what Praful Patel is!! 

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