OFF THE RECORD review on some of today’s headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines: Vikrant Joshi /

1. Engineer hoisted on potholes, forced to hold placard–Mumbai Mirror

An apt & a perfect move by MNS corporators Santosh Dhuri & Sandip Deshpande. Since year’s these BMC officers have just “eaten” monies in the literal sense. I will tell you what is to follow next! There will be an andolan by the BMC officers for couple of days, an official complaint will be sent by the Commissioner to the Chief Minister, an inquiry will be ordered, few days of suspension for these Corporators (if necessary) & finally both these Corporators will issue an apology and the matter will be closed, as some other news will take priority. No corporator will ever stripped from his post for such acts. Earlier also on the Dadar flyover issue, Sandip had done similar things and got away with it!

2.  What’s wrong with Chaggan Bhujbal? Mumbai Mirror 

Nothing is wrong friends. Many things are wrong at JJ Hospital, since years. The person, known as the “badmashon ka doctor” Dr. Hemant Gupta, is the real culprit. This issue came to the light when President of an NGO, Yajurvedi Rao, wrote to the Chief Minister & the ADG of Prisons Dr. BK Upadhya. Now as per confirmed reports, Dr. Hemant Gupta only visits JJ for such special “badmaash” patients on every Saturday. He is the one who makes bogus and false reports. So, jail authorities, whatever he gives to the Dean, the Dean will give it  to you! I hope Dr Lahane (Dean of JJ) does a cross verification of reports given by Dr Hemant Gupta. After all, every criminal is important. But all of a sudden instead of JJ, nowadays why criminals are choosing St George over JJ for getting admitted is a question to me?  Anyways, in relation to this story, the NGO has asked for removal of this bogus doctor from the panel. For your information, he is the same doctor against whom in 2012 a complaint was lodged by Dr. SK Sharma from Goregaon for  allegedly collecting Rs. 30,000/- from each student appearing for final examination. The Dean had given a clean chit to this bogus doctor then. Again, a person named Kale, assistant to the Dean also came up with Gupta’s innocence and quashed the inquiry.  Aaprently “criminal friendly” Dr. Hemant Gupta just takes Rs. 1500/- pm as his fees from JJ. In this age, who can strive on this amount and that too for working for 4 days? SO my dear jail Authorities, as the NGO has demanded, immediately replace this doctor and choose any 3 doctors from the Army Corps and get authentic reports for each & every criminal henceforth.

3. “No pothole, no payout for JJ Biker’: BMC-The Times of India

First day of the incident I had said, death was not due to any pothole on the road. The hooligan had died due to stunts. 

4.  Rs. 2Kcr drug haul leads to bad blood in FDA -The Times of India

” Osho” Sadhwani, the Drug Controller of FDA is a culprit since long. Ex-FDA Commissioner Mahesh Zagade had decided more than one time to suspend this person, but time & again, apologies were rendered and Sadhwani was spared. Current FDA Commissioner Harshdeep Kamble does not have a grip over FDA completely due to his limited stint as of now.  Osho Sadhwani & company are like his shadows in the FDA. Hence the news of bad blood in FDA. Vigilance Head IPS Harish Baijal is deadly against this whole drug haul episode and wants the guilty even in the FDA to be punished for non-performing & negligence of duties. Let’s see what role Minister Girish Bapat plays? rather what briefing Chintami Joshi gives  him…

5. BMC polls: MP says BJP will contest solo, party distances itself-Hindustan Times

Kirit Fotoyya (he loves to be in photos) isn’t Delhi treating you nice? Or has the party sidelined you there also? All of a sudden you get up, and you start. I can see that whatever good work against Bhujbal you had done was camouflaged by more deeper study & findings of Anjali Damaniya. Suddenly I read about your “active” wife’s name in the some storm water drainage pipeline issue at Vile Parle (east) The residents were swearing by her name there. Then came your son’s suicidal attempt news. Sir you are excellent parliamentarian, but sir first  “ghar bachao, party bach jaayegi” . But as per the news report, CM Devendra Fadnavis & Uddhav Thackeray share a great rapport. Same pattern as KDMC will follow. They will spilt at the time of election & come back together and rule the BMC. 

6. आयुक्तांनी आधी रस्त्यावर फिरावे आणि मगच खड्यांचा आकडा सांगावा– सामना 

Haha..what if any corporator makes our Commissioner hold placards someplace? It will be so insulting. Had this been Thane, our Ajoy Mehta would have taken this Shivsainik’s views seriously and roamed freely on the streets. After all his safety would be taken care by his closest friends, who are in Thane. IAS Sanjeev Jaiswal & IPS Paramvir Singh.  

7. पुरुषांचे कपडे काढून त्यांना चोपावेसे वाटते-सई ताम्हणकर– सामना 

Sai, apologise for being brutally honest in asking, but for what purpose the beating will be? In western world, this statement will mean being kinky!  But if you saying in the other context, it is right. But what happened when you were caught with drugs in one of the parties at Pune? Did you crack the whip on our dashing IPS Maratha officer who had caught you or no? Just asking…

8. तुमच्या कुंडल्या माझ्याकडे आहेत– देवेंद्र फडणवीस– लोकमत

Yes along with the oppositions CM Devendra Fadnavis proudly holds files of works done by some people from his own party as well!!The names include State President-Raosaheb Danve, MP Kapil Patil, Vinod Tawde, Pankaja Munde, Prakash Mehta, Vishnu Savra & the new entrant Dr. Ram Shinde.

9. नगरसेवकपद हवे घरातच–मटा 

Didn’t I say, you change the ward or sex or caste of that particular ward of the BMC…it does not matter for our current Corporators. They will be in power come what may !! 

10. I have become numb to certain things-Arbaaz Khan–HT Cafe 

Don’t loose your numbness for your brother’s remarks on our soldiers. For comments on personal life,  when and where did you ever have a say Arbaaz? 

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