OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Today is the 50th day of Demonetisation Drive 

So today officially we welcome the 50th day of Demonetisation drive. HOPE all your financal crises are over, HOPE you are leading a normal life, HOPE our country has got enough money in old currencies to curb corruption & terrorism, HOPE all my farmers, labours and all the people belonging below the poverty line are happily living, HOPE Mamata Banerjee, Laloo Prasad, Sharad Pawar and all the leading people whom PM Modi wanted to finish and teach them a lesson  are just doing fine and HOPE the cashless economy (whenever it comes in existence) is paying you rich dividends even if you aren’t working. If all this HOPEfull things are not attended than I’m sorry, the move was HOPEless!!

2.  Fast bowler Shami been trolled for wife’s dress

When will fanatic Muslim’s in our country grow up against all the bullshit they preach? It was so much that many papers have covered it on their front page. Apparently India’s fast bowler Mohammad Shami posted pictures of his wife in a gown which was sleeveless. Mohammad Shami was made to see red on the social media yesterday. He was shamed & he must be cursing to be born as a Muslim amongst such fanatics. Fanatic Muslims, please understand, what does Mohammad Shami do? He represents INDIA. he plays a sport where if he takes one wicket you guys bless him; but why don’t you understand? He belongs to this generation. He has travelled the world . Obviously his wife is educated and has a free mind through which she decides what is moral and what is immoral. I see no offence in that. Just because you guys thought Shami belongs to the UP, he must be still believing in “bahubali”, child marriages & polygamy. Where do you all go when the same Muslims actually shame our country through their heinous acts such as terrorism? Where are you when 90% of the Bangladeshi women cross the border illegally and are into prostitution? Just because he is a celebrity, it does not give anyone any right to troll especially on what someone wears. 

3. Sajid-Wajid join BJP 

Only credit to Ashish Shelar of the BJP. If the sena is eying Salman Khan to be “closer” to them, BJP is not leaving any of Salma Khan’s camp members. “Tapori” musician Sajid & Wajid belong to Salman Khan camp. So the tussle to attract bollywood members in on! But if you remember, Salman Khan has maintained one stance–in this life his vote will only be to Baba Siddique come what may! Also Salman was seen flying kites with PM Modi.  So who can understand our birthday boy today Salman Khan? 

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