OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha wants Jinnah House demolished 

For your information, if at all you know Mr. Lodha personally—isn’t this person on a trip, people? Today he (thinks) is bigger than the Chief Minister or Sate Party chief in the BJP.  Nowadays after looting Mumbai & Mantralaya, Lodha is spotted in the corridors of power in Delhi with his trademark vicious smile begging for favours, as always. If you observe Lodha anytime, always notice what he wears. He will always sport an low branded ill-fitted shirt & trouser (costing not more than Rs. 1000) and  black unbranded or at the most Nike’s sports-shoes. Nothing wrong with being simple, but I always hated fake simplicity…And his tone of being a sweet talker & that a**licking attitude will prompt you to either do his work & on top of that give him Rs. 500/- for his evening meals. He always lives in this condition. Always with that begging attitude. Believe me, if ever he decides to count his (I’m sorry Pramod Mahajan & Gopinath Munde’s wealth) with all the “handwork” Lodha should be a man of Rs. 20,000 crore officially. So the Jinnah House is nothing but yet another technique of land grab & increase his asset list to some 100’s of crores more. 

2. Sachin & Rekha in Rajyasabha 

It’s high time that political parties send artists & sportsperson who will actually contribute in some or the other way to the society to the Rajyasabha. Both Rekha & Sachin are financially in super condition. They make more public appearances in receiving awards and cutting ribbons than where they are actually meant to be! Isn’t this a waste of opportunity & seat by that particular party? Instead appoint an actor –for example–from the theatre background who actually knows the struggles of the entertainment industry & from Sports Category —- the Best Coach (Indian by origin) or senior most groundsman or a person as sincere as Dravid or Kumble should be given a chance who actually have the intellect & willingness to give something back to the society. 

3. Journalist attacked 

All thoughts for my friend cum DNA journo Sudhir Suryavanshi. But friends, just for your information, apart from Sudhir in the last fortnight one Hindi newspaper journo named Yadav was threatened by Youth Congress leader in a press conference, veteran editor of news channel Zee24 Taas- Uday Nirgudkar & his family were threatened for his stand against ban of Doctors. But the newspapers, and especially the English ones, never mentioned this in their write up today. I’m not comparing who is senior & junior, but if one journalist is attacked, everyone must come in support just the way they did for Sudhir. In fact Mr. Nirgudkar & Yadav regarding these attacks even met the Chief Minister yesterday but this does not find any mention anywhere.  Why such bipolar views, I dont understand? Only one person & believe me only S.M. Deshmukh and his associate Kiran Naik are pushing for the law to be made for protection of journalists. Rest support them as per their own convenience. 

4. From today, 290 city liquor outlets, including 5 stars & restaurants, near highways go dry 

In Mumbai, all my eyes & ears will be on Hotel Bawa International, Hotel Westin & Hotel Sahara Star. Credit must be given to Chief Minister Fadnavis & Excise Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule for not falling for “proposals” received from these hotel’s liaisons to create a bypass for their estimated loss due to  the sudden stop in liquor sale. 

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