OFF THE RECORD review on some of today's headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of today’s headlines/Vikrant Joshi (

1. Young biker on ice-cream errand dies in pothole mishap near JJ-The Time of India

The name of the boy is Rizwan Khan and it is unbelievable that the biker was not speeding!! No one dies if you accidentally cross a pothole on a bike @20kmps or even @40kmps; death happens in cases only when your luck is not in your favour. Everyone staying near Dadar, Parel or Byculla stretch exactly know what the bikers do. Forget 21, these boys start biking, that includes stunts by the way, as early as when they are 16. In Byculla if there is a Khan riding, in Dadar it has to be a Joshi or Shinde. Those who don’t believe me, take a walk at Carter Road, Bandra or at 5 Gardens in the evening. One Addl CP traffic was narrating incidents how these bikers treat the cops, when stopped or chased. Media who has put this accidental death as a “death due to a pothole” is not appropriate; it rather looks like a cooked up story against administration. Saw Rizwan’s family’s pic in papers, he does not seem to be from a well-to-do family. Had anything been fishy, i’m sure the parent’s wouldn’t have left the opportunity to encash!! But by not registering a complain, rest is better unsaid. Oh main issue, he was as usual without a helmet. 

2. Uran’s schoolgirl’s spotting of ‘terrorists’ was a prank–The Times of India

This was an eyewash I had written a week ago. Someone tried to divert our attention right ahead of some important happenings in the city or the state. This time the issue is Maratha rally coming to the city. But the master of attention diversion is none other than NCP’s supremo–Sharadchandra Pawar.

3. Builder serves Rs. 100 cr notice on AAP leader- The Times of India

Avinash Bhosale and has sued someone? It is like Pakistan coming and telling we Indian’s have orchestrated the Uri killings. Bullshit. In Maharashtra two DALAAL’s have made the most by selling our state-One is Avinash Bhosale and the other one is Vivek Jadhav. Take any politician. Take any bureaucrat. If anyone denies this, he is lying through his teeth. These are the only two people who are friends with everyone and it does not matter which party governs us. They are on excellent terms with the Sena, they have super relations with the BJP and they enjoy excellent rapport with the Congress & the NCP. On top of that, many of the bureaucrats be it IAS or Class 1 are “known” to be on friendly terms with them. If I’m wrong, just one example for you, remove CCTV footages as to what Avinash Bhosale is doing at the BMC headquarters every now and then. And what role does a GAY IAS officer from the Urban Development Department plays? Anyone heard about the Pune-Mumbai DP discussion? And yes before I close this chapter on Dalaal’s of Mantralaya, Ujjwal Pagariya and Satish Munde are their vice captains respectively.

4. राज ठाकरे यांच्यापुढे ‘सलमान’ पेच–लोकसत्ता 

They are friends, but Mr. Raj Thackrey is known to close many chapter’s when the agitations are at its peak. This has angered many party men who have left him. Karan Johar must have asked for this against some “special” favour in return. Did I hear someone shout Sonali Bendre’s name? May Khopkar, bad luck mate!

5.   मोकळ्या जागा दाखवा, शिसवेना तेथे उद्याने बांधेल-आदित्य ठाकरे– सामना 

First the playgrounds are decided to take back from politicians, then BMC will maintain it & now finally private individuals/firms will maintain it. What’s all this confusion about Adi? I guess you couldn’t see the pain Vaikar, Subhash Desai had gone through? And now you want us to tell you more such open spaces? hmm…why don’t we try mangroves? Already your party partner MP Kapil Patil is on role to build buildings and schemes on Mangroves. Check Kahseli and Kallher in Bhiwandi area… 

6. Sonu excited about response to his rap in Tutak Tutak Tutiya–Bombay Times 

The movie hasn’t released. I am surprised from where does the review come from? You tube is the only source. But not so great that it gets the producer excited. Talk about paid news, BT…

7. Ranbir brings in birthday with friends -Bombay Times 

No one does with enemies Bombay Times. Not at all a news material. 90% of the pictures you post are from the social blogging sites of celebrities. Where and what are your journalist’s and photographers doing? HT Cafe is ahead in the race in terms of covering news and stories. 

8. Star kids handle success better- Anurag Kashyap- HT Cafe 

Yes the same way they handle messy marriages, divorces, drug abuse, drinking and all the other characteristics they see their parents do right from the age of 3. 

9. Won’t leave TV for films–TV actor Arjun Bijlani–Ht Cafe 

Did anyone ever offer you a film Arjun? What a smart way of begging movies through paid news…all the best!

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