OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Shell out 50% tax if you come clean, much more if caught

So the scare of 200% penalty is finally out ! But the bill presented in the parliament by FM fails to tell us as what will be the cap price this penalty will be applicable? Will the house-wives income declared upto Rs. 2.50 lakhs be tax free or even that will be slated to come under the new 50% cap ? Surely, people who have got “entries” in their accounts, if they  are un-explainable, will surely come under this penalty clause. For example, in your whole life your bank accounts have funds in tune of Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs getting deposited & removed, and all of a sudden you get Rs. 1 crore in your account, that will be treated as suspicious & penalty of nearly 85% will be applicable. So in a way, this is yet another chance given by the government. Under VDS had the % before September 30th been anywhere around even 30% believe me, a lot of black money would have been declared then, as  45% was a bit high, now say some observers. Some would argue that had Modi kept the % around 30, it would have been unfair to the tax payers who are already shelling out 35% on an average on their monthly icnome. 

2. BJP wins big in state. 

I will tell you who are the biggest winners in this. See, local council elections is the biggest & realistic picture as to what is going on in the rural parts of the state. These elections give us true picture as what will be the results slated in the Assembly elections scheduled in 2019. BJP is the clear winner, but mind you only because of Devendra Fadnavis. Minus this person from the equation & see the results. It is one man army. Also for me party-wise the clear cut winner is Shivsena that is followed by Congress. The only party to take a beating to their image is self obsessed NCP, in that also, Dhananjay Munde (clearly the hero & saving grace of NCP) and Tatkare have managed to save party’s face. Shivsena’s victory was without even one rally undertaken by Uddhav Thackrey; whereas his counter part (Devendra Fadnavis) out of 40 rallies that he addressed the party won in 32 of them. Isn’t this Devendra’s victory? But IM VERY HAPPY FOR THE LOSSES OF prodigies of “माजेल” leaders like बाई-माणूस Pankaja Munde, CORRUPT & BOGUS BJP State President till date Raosaheb Danve,  WOMANISER Minister Babanrao Lonikar, BJP’s man but current Leader of Opposition from Congress-Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil & Over ambitious, acts like Gandhi but is corrupt to no extend-Jayant Patil.  By the way, yesterday CM wasn’t available for any of the media houses for bytes–from where did Yadu Joshi get his interview that appeared in Lokmat today? History repeating?

3. Oppn protests notes ban, calls govt anti poor.

Admist Bharat Bandh, Aakrosh morcha held by the congress saw only 10 shops closed in the Kalina. I’m sorry Congress party, you party is failing to create an impact with people like Nirupam & Ashok Chavhan leading the way. Yeh Public hai, aur yeh sab jaanti hai !!

4. वशिल्यावर पदे दिली की हेच होणार 

God alone knows when will senior neta Narayan Rane be happy with Congress leadership in the state? Congress is successful outside Mumbai. In Mumbai there are so many captains driving the party. No one understands that If one is Sachin Tendulkar, he HAS to retire. In my views, what I have seen in recent past, only Narayan Rane has the fire, the guts & power to take on likes of ace Devendra Fadnavis. Just because of one Sonia Gandhi episode, Narayan Rane has been on sidelines since years. But what the Delhi is not understanding is COngress’s downfall is happening because of internal politics. As a journo, tell me one Congress leader speaking good about another? Only Rane has the command, the experience & the “ways” to keep State congress alive. (Pls note this is not a paid piece) . You think senior leaders in the party are listening to Ashok Chavhan? You think Sanjay Nirupam is able to stop Krupashankar Singh from going too Delhi? No never….Only Narayan Rane will & can do this….

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