OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. High Court: ‘Rape’ after break up on rise

Is it? How many psychiatrists did High Court consult ? If this is the case, apart from man-women relationship, father son break up, friends break up –so is Rape the only answer to conquer minds of the partner? If so, then in Maharashtra politics, Uncle & Nephew ‘break-ups’ are on the rise-Sharad Pawar & Ajit Pawar, Late Balasaheb & Raj Thackrey, Chagan Bhujbal & Sameer Bhujbal (now), Sunil & Avdhoot Tatkare, in Journalism,then your Highness & Yadu Joshi are examples. Rape need to be only physical with opposite sex, what nephews do to uncle or vice-versa, is it anything less than a Rape? They rape your mind, reputation & family values. Also friends are seen or heard ‘raping’ their best friends time & again. Back-biting or bitching is a form of rape too…

2. State curtails New Year’s Eve liquor parties along highways.

This is a very RSS step. Since the BJP is in power both in the Centre & the State, “disciplined” & “organised” RSS plays an important role in the BJP is evident from this move. Being from an RSS family I know it! They believe in being strict disciplinarians. No vices. No womanising. But they are a tinge different from the Left. RSS is more flexible when it comes to “adjustment”. Leftists are rock solid, you won’t find their views changing with circumstances. You cannot entrust your views on others. In my home, no non-veg or drinks are allowed since I’m a Brahmin & belong to the RSS family, see the difference, my father hates absolutely every friend of mine, who drinks or smokes or consumes non-veg food. Then I made my father sit & made him understand, that how does a person be BAD if he drinks, smokes or eats non-veg? We cannot impose our rules of the house or abhor a person due to his habits. Same with the our state. They are behaving like my daddy dearest! Why to impose anything? If in case I want to drive along the highway, forget the liquor shops, I will carry my stock from my home!

3. Ratan Tata flies to Nagpur to meet RSS chief

What’s the secret here? Whosoever has any problem in their life visits Nagpur. No, not to meet the CM or Gadkari. Everyone’s problems seems to get over by meeting RSS chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat. Early in December Uddhav Thackrey went and today Ratan Tata. Must say, at least for we Brahmins, Acche Din Aa Gaye!

4. “खाजगी बिल्डरवर मुख्यमंत्र्यांची मेहेरनजर?

Why these Journalists of Maharashtra are behind every move as to what Devendra Fadnavis is doing? Boss, had you people been even 0.5% concentrated the way you are on BJP to your job for the last 20 years, believe me, Maharashtra would have been corruption free till now. Isn’t it? These print media guys especially the ones covering Mantralaya want to know bloody everything. Understand one thing people, Devendra Fadnavis is not corrupt, and he is one step ahead of your all brains put together! Even if he commits one mistake, it will be taken care with so much ease & poise, you will be busy rattling your brains throughout. Anyway, he is the CM, but at the same time he also wants to run the party. You need funds, you need some business houses to back you. Elections are nearing. One or two decisions here & there, if not hampering the common public directly, should be left off! Don’t ALWAYS believe your other Minister tippers !

5. सत्रा प्लाझाला मुंढेंचा दणका !

Sakal’s revelation! This Satra is the biggest land mafia Navi Mumbai has ever seen! Just ask any agent or tout and he will confirm this. CIDCO is his home ground. At a recently concluded housing exhibition top CIDCO bosses were seen hobnobbing & seeking attention of this SAtra. Tukaramji, don’t spare this person. 

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