OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. PM Modi pitches for cashless India 

Is it Modi saheb? Congress’s slogan “Garibi hatao” misconstrued by PM Modi as  “Garibo ko hatav”. In a population of 125 million, tell me practically is it possible to go cashless? This move will surely wipe out the workers, labours, factory workers, the maids, the servants, the bhajiwaala, your dhobi and every person who is dealing only in cash for the living. I have heard some bhajiwala’s in Mumbai have started used PayTM. OK. but this is Mumbai, a metro!! Tell me, will a vegetable vendor not far say in Thane district at Mokhada will accept your cards or online payments? They don’t know whats internet, forget the online payment concept. If this happens, if Modi wants India to turn into America, that day will not be far when your maid comes in her own car to wash your utensils, just as America. But this is a far-fetched dream. As along with Modi, we still have the Lalu Prasads, the Thackreys, the Pawars, the Didi’s and the Amma’s living in the same country. If the government has failed miserably in implementation of the who demonetisation drive, just imagine what uproar will be generated the day, we have cashless country. As the great scholar Amartya Sen said, Modi has in a blanket decided we all are criminals. This further cashless economy concept will have every common man on streets and yes there will be riots. Proper planning & implementation & reaching to the last tribal in North east or Vidharbha should be the main agenda for the government to go cashless and nothing less!

2.  My father’s (Patrakar Hemant Joshi’s) take on Narayan Rane in MARATHI: Just click the link 

राणे आणि उणेदुणे २ : पत्रकार हेमंत जोशी

3.   राज्य निवडणूक आययुक्तांनी केली रायगड जिल्ह्यात मतदान पाहणी 

Now see how Journalism works. In todays Lokmat Yadu (Kaka) Joshi out of nowhere has written how good Election Commission boss JS Saharia is working. Kaka had to go to Alibaug and file this news (of course with Saharia). Such a big journalist (because of whom the whole accreditation committee met PM Modi last week & had my timeline flooded with pictures) and going to Alibaug to file one small news of Saharia’s visit to a council? Not digested. For your information, just 10 days ago my same dearest Kaka had come down heavily on JS Saharia. If you remember the story in his editorial in Lokmat, it was Saharia who was out with his wife through out the whole day and had asked his officials to take care of his DOGS. And when in the night Saharia returned instead of thanking his government officials for taking care of the dog, he asked the dog if the two uncles took good care of him? 10 days ago such a story and now going to Alibaugh to do a positive story?..Kya baat hai Yadu kaka? Now I know how pressure is built on officials….Badiyaan hai….

4. EC seizes Rs. 26 crore in run up to local elections in state. 

This is just the official figure election Commission has declared. Tell me, if Rs. 26 crore has been seized, how come Mohan Kadam (who knows what has he done all his life), Ajay Rajurkar, Chandu Patel won their seats? You think in Yavatmal there were no monies exchanged? Forget MLC, even the local council elections which took place yesterday, people like MLA Shirish Choudhari have spent crores & crores for his wife to get elected. In fact in my views EC has just managed to grab ONLY 10% in the whole money game in Maharashtra.  

5. मतदान हिंसाचाराचे गालबोट 

Read in Lokmat, there were fights between 2 groups or 2 opponents everywhere yesterday owing to the local elections. But isn’t politics a game of the goons of any town in India? Which educated & elite people actually participate in the whole thing? The Karyakartas or the followers of any political persons are all fed with alcohol, loads of foods and money during the campaigning days. So the situation is such, that only “violence” can resolve things between two parties. The cops are no less. No state during this time is any less than UP & Bihar ( Watch the movie Rajneeti or Omkara or Apaharan to get a clue).

6…तर सीबीआयमध्ये महिला संचालक येणार (मीरा बोरवणकर)

I always feel a certain news material we journalists predict or know is ALWAYS a paid news. Whenever (90% of the time) when we print that this certain person will occupy this certain position, be rest assured this news is either hatched by the person in question whom the news is about or the next competition. Why will I get my name in the news? To let seniors know, that I’m the next deserving one, I have been ignored a lot, been on side position for many years and so on. Why will my competition get it in the papers? To sabotage the whole move of the more deserving one which happens many times. Remember Rakesh Maria ? But this Meera Borvankar thing, looks like some one else is at mischief.  But yes, in all respect she deserved to be in CBI…

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