OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Who is this Mr. 10, 10, 10, 10 in Irrigation Department? 

Just as how Minister Badole’s PA got thrashed over taking bribe and not doing the work, very soon a senior officer will get beaten up if he does not improve his ways of working. His Minister is said to be in knowledge of his Man Friday who is also called Mr. 10,10,10,10 in irrigation department. Do you know the reason why? It is alleged that–10% commission of the total work allotted to any contractor is for his Minister, out of that 10% what Minister gets 10% of that amount goes to this Man Friday and then this 10% amount has to be delivered only after 10pm at Building No 10 of Haji Ali Government Colony. Those interested in knowing this corrupt officer, please use your sources in finding officer residing in Building No 10 in Haji Ali Government Colony. 

2. Thane citizens expose pothole repairs with mud & cement. 

Has to be this. The temporary work done by the TMC and the PWD is on purpose. If they give us permanent solution to pothole problems how will the PWD and others make money in the years to come? Remember another eyewash that was reported-that they had approached American companies for their technology & had also asked contractors to import bitumen (DAAMBAR) from Australia and Iran? Anyway one of the major problem that encompasses the PWD is caste politics. Secretary CP Joshi a Brahmin is a task master but a puppet of Minister Chandrakant Patil. The engineers comprising mainly of Maratha caste just don’t bother to follow any instructions or decisions of CP Joshi who in work is known to be brilliant and efficient too. So even if CP has solutions to the pothole filling, engineers are not interested in implementing his idea. Also, here in Amchi Mumbai, the war between hot-mix bitumen contractors v/s the cold mix bitumen importers is a major headache for the BMC. Technologically, cold mix bitumen for pothole filling is the best. But our very own Congress city leader is batting for hot mix bitumen vendors for obvious reasons. The plant which BMC has under its control also makes bitumen used for pothole filing of extreme poor quality, which often results in road breakages. 

3. BJP neta rebels, dont need corporation, need Cabinet Birth

Chainsukh Sancheti is the rebel from Vidharbha who is not happy with the Corporation he has been given recently, reports TOI today. He wants to become a Cabinet Minister. Now who will tell him, that Sanjay Kute is a better option both performance-wise and with age factor too on Kute’s side. Also, in Mumbai Mirror I heard MLA’s like Sagar & Lodha would get a chance in the reshuffle. My best wishes to CM Fadnavis. He needs to talk to officials of Mhada, SRA & Housing Department just to get a first hand information as to what these two MLA’s are upto everyday. Forget Cabinet birth, after listening to their antics, Fadnavis might even cancel their MLA ticket in 2019…High hopes isn’t it? Anyway, but CM might play a master stroke by inducting Ashish Shelar in the cabinet. Shelar has been upset with Fadnavis for being ignored as Minister since 2014. But this time CM will make him Minister till the elections, satisfy his ego, and then straight away give him a ticket to Loksabha. Last what I have heard, it will be Kirit Fotoyya who will be nominated to Rajya Sabha, Poonam Mahajan will be given Kirit’s constituency and Shelar will be from Bandra for the Loksabha elections. Also, in a way only Shelar is closest competition to Fadnavis in terms of everything. So for Fadnavis it will be better to send him to Delhi and be the only dominating boss here. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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