OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Deependra Singh Kushwah in trouble.

Not in trouble because Loksatta’s ‘dubious’ reporter reported a story few days back that Mhada’s Mumbai Board’s chief officer Deependra Singh Kushwah holds every file for days and just refuses to sign on it. Even if everything is per law the report in Loksatta said that Kushwah holds the files and does not believe in moving it ahead. Nothing of this is true! But this is not the concern. Concern is 4 topmost builders of Mumbai & Nagpur which include Boman Irani of Rustomjee, Shahid Balwa, dance-bar owner cum laisioner cum agent cum builder cum media channel owner a certain Shetty and a close associate of CM from Nagpur has complained to the CM to immediately replace Kushwah with a more ‘open’ officer who would  pass the files without any hinderances. But haven’t they heard if at all they cross and eliminate Kushwah from the system, it would be extremely difficult to pass your dubious projects from the straight forward Milind Mhaiskar? Anyway, if at all  the news is true that Kushwah is holding files, of what I know him, Kushwah will not sign any paper even if he has 1% doubt. Finally, after all these years, MHADA is in safe hands of Mhaiskar & people under him like Kushwah. But even if CM decides to shift Kushwah after listening to these builders (which he would), who can fill up this all important post, as MHADA is the next big thing now?  Rajesh Narvekar who is any which ways even after being an IAS is getting outshine by Pardeshi & Gagrani, would be the perfect choice. I think there is some destiny attached between Kushwah & Narvekar. When Kushwah was Collector, it was tipped that Narvekar would replace him, and now the post of Mhada, let’s see….

2. Dinesh Waghmare, need your kind attention. 

A detailed proposal of construction of a Library Building in Milind College of Aurangabad that was presented & received a nod from the Chief Minister is still in limbo. The go ahead was communicated to the Social Justice Minister, good for nothing, Mr. Badole & his team, but till today nothing has moved ahead. There were several presentations made first to the Surendrakumar Bagde then Secretary of Social Justice Department & PWD Principal Secretary Ashish Kumar Singh. Also a detailed discussion was made with the Principal of Milind College Smt. Vaishali Pradhan. Finally on the 18th March 2017, Minister Badole was presented the proposal and on the 13th April 2017 to the  CM who after liking the concept and ‘financials’ gave this a go ahead. But still today nothing has been done. The said construction of library building at the college would be of 16,100 sq m and estimated cost of the project was Rs. 80 cr. Over to you Mr. Dinesh Waghmare. Let’s see if you have intentions to  gives some social justice to the students of Aurangabad. 

3. Proud moment for Ajoy Mehta & a second time for Vijay Singhal. 

On the 23rd of this month the BMC received Cleanest State Capital Award from the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The award was received by the MC Ajoy Mehta accompanied by Vijay Singhal and our Mayor. Kudos to the team. But just to add, it is the second time Vijay Singhal has been facilitated by the hands of Prime Minister. In the year 2009 too, Singhal was awarded by then PM Manmohan Singh was his contribution towards the River Linking Project in Jalgaon district. I’m sure MC Ajoy Mehta with all his 4 capable AMC’s is quite a content man. With an iron hand, not falling to the pressures of anyone, Ajoy Mehta and team has stormed many weathers. All the best!

4. Not all is well between the General Manager and the Principal Secretary of MTDC

When IAS Vijay Waghmare of the MTDC was transferred abruptly from the post of MD of MTDC few months ago, it seemed it was a victory for Minister Jaykumar Raval as nothing could stop the animosity between them. But then the post was taken over by Principal Secretary Vijay Kumar Gautam. Don’t think this new appointment went well down with the general Manager of MTDC Swati Kale. She began bad mouthing about the same. Kale, who claims to be close to the CM, a Brahmin and a Nagpurian, is no where close even to the CMO. Yes, she has cordial relations with the Minister of State Madan Yerawar who does not even know A to B of MTDC, nor he is interested also…He is a big contractor. Anyway, the news of bad mouthing reached Gautam and now heard Kale  is certainly not amongst his favourite employee at the MTDC. I don’t understand this Mrs. Kale. First Ashutosh Rathod & now Gautam…You seem to have a problem with your superiors. 

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