OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Farmer gets beaten up outside CMO 

Now, has this become a trend or what? Whosoever does not get anything from the government come to Mantralaya & create a scene. People usually shout, throw their weight around even try to commit suicide but this one yesterday was first of a kind. The farmer started biting the policemen on duty when his demand to meet the CM was not met. But the policemen turning around & beating up one poor person is not at all COOL. See people living in Mumbai or in urban areas, it’s a different story. As you must read, if people living in heart of Mumbai, like in Aarey, don’t get electricity & water– just imagine the situation in the interiors of Maharashtra. On top of that they slog throughout the year even when Mother Nature plays the spoilsport. Where do they go? Given CM Fadnavis’s clean image in Maharashtra, every person feels to connect with him directly even if that person is at the bottom of the Pyramid. But if a certain work is not done or pending there is a way to deal with it. By the way, where are the MLAs of their constituencies? Aren’t they capable of solving problems or what? Anyway, just to inform you, the current CMO staff is the best behaved one (with anyone & everyone) after a long long time 6th floor has seen. What happened yesterday was not human (with the farmer) and surely must be brought on record. 

2. MP of SHIVSENA Ravindra Gaikwad slaps AI staffer

To begin with this MP is from Osmnabad that has had a history to promote MP’s who “beat, kill & hook up”. Google ex- MP Padmasinh Patil and you will second my thought. Gaikwad has just followed the tradition. Read somewhere he is a Professor. Which Professor (if he is one) beats a person 25 times and then screams to get publicity on TV channels? I haven’t seen any. Real professors are against violence! But he is a Sainik right, how can I forget? I think he does not have any other way to get eyeballs. Forget development, temperatures flared just because he was promised an X thing & was given a Y thing.  In the UK and USA whenever convenient, the MP’s travel by public transport buses. Our’s, I call them, MTM (Marathi Turned Modern) MP’s wear slippers and attitude on their sleeve everyday. One RTI query & publishing the same on his performance in the last 2 years will make him sweat. Which is this high Mr. MP you live in?  But mind you professor, just because you are simply dressed does not necessary mean you carry the “simple living & high thinking” funda & we not at all buy this. Bloody Crook!  

3. BJP meet discusses dumping Sena 

Finally if the reports are true, good sense prevail. I mean, look what has happened on Monday & Tuesday just to select an ordinary post of Zilla Parishad Chairman? None of the parties have given a second thought whilst extending their friendship with parties with totally different ideologies & agenda. I thought BJP will refrain from this given the situation they are in, but hey, reality has just stuck us. So friends, even if BJP is meeting to dump Sena or Sena in talks with the NCP or Congress, don’t worry they all are again backstabbing us!

4. SHIVSENA Minister Ravindra Waikar wants leopards out of Aarey 

How would Minister Ravindra Waikar feel if the income tax department or the police department just decide to rip him from all his ill doings of the past? Why do people forget their own history and think if they are in power people will forget everything? In fact I feel Devendra Fadnavis should just exchange his portfolio to Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, as heard a lot of favours are been sorted from Mhada by the Ministers. If this portfolio thing happens, then you people will know true colours of this Waikar. How can he demand trapping all the leopards and relocating them out of Aarey? When the Minister went to Aarey to see the condition of a 3 year old after the leopard attack, little did he know what was in store for him. Aarey is one part of Waikar’s constituency. The people instead of complaining of the leopard attacks were demanding him basic necessities of electricity & water supply. They treat leopards as their friends, but surely not the MLA is what I could conclude!

5. The curious case of Narayan Rane 

Yesterday it was fun to be at Vidhan Bhavan main porch for like 20 minutes before the session began. Ace politician Narayan Rane along with his MLA son Nitesh, were giving bytes to various news channels on how the entire episode of he joining BJP or Shivsena was motivated from his own party and how people should not believe in any sorts of rumours. But here comes the fun part. Every MLA of the Congress party was sitting on the steps (100 meters away) of the Vidhan Bhavan as a part of protest against the suspension of 19 MLA’s & various other issues. They were joined by the NCP as members as well. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil was heading the protest. But to everyone’s surprise when media people including the photographers spotted Rane Sr & Jr, they ran to get one-on-one interview or click photos. None of them even for a second thought of covering these 50 odd other MLA’s. In fact one of the NCP MLC screamed on top of his voice to cover the agitation but to no one’s heed. This is Narayan Rane for you..if he says he will create a stir in politics he is well capable of…No Chavan or Gandhi can stop him. 

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