OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Prajakta Lavangare shows the way. 

Not all bosses do this. As the winter session concluded on Saturday, Lavangare has taken off with staff of more than 200 people to this adventure resort at Ramtek for trek and adventure. Marred with everyday chores and hectic lifestyles of officers on field and on the desk too, these officers too, require a much deserved break, and what better than with the boss herself. They hardly find time for themselves or even for their families. And when it comes to the Excise department, mind you many of us when we are enjoying our festivities and our year end parties, these officers have to burn midnight oil and be on their toes throughout; and mind you without any extra pay or overtime. So, as small it can be for even 2 days, Commissioner Excise thought to give these babus some dose of entertainment and also involve them in some trekking and adventure sports, which will further enhance their physical and mental strength too. A young entrepreneur named Amol Khante has started this very unique and beautiful adventure resort on the lines of Jimmy Mistry’s Della Adventure of Lonavala, near Nagpur at Ramtek. The concept of this resort is unique and hats off to the IAS officer for taking such initiative for her department staffs. (Visit on to know more about this resort)

2. Affidavit filed by Param Bir Singh vs Affidavit filed by Sanjay Barve

Even if I was 1/3rd as educated as I am today, and if someone had even read both the affidavits to me, myself not being any competent authority, even then I would have easily come to a conclusion which affidavit the Court is going to accept and announce its decision. Affidavit, which is a public document, filed by Barve contains detailed information right from cost escalation % wise to see who has done what (tabulated information) exactly and on the other hand, Param’s affidavit is just a counter attack disclaiming everything Barve has filed in the Court. What was the need of the ACB to file the affidavit (Param’s) so early when the cut off date by the Court was far away? What was the hurry? Why is Ajit Pawar so hell bent on proving himself innocent? Read the affidavits, truth is evident!

3. The top brass in the BJP is not happy with the appointment of Pravin Darekar as the Leader of Opposition of the Upper House. People like Thakur, Bhai Girkar, Girish Vyas were far more senior and ‘original’ BJP walla’s. When there is a bank fraud in your name and that too in tune of 100’s of crore, appointment of such person as LoP is not gone down well with many of the BJP senior leaders. 

4. It was a sight to see as to what happened on the 3rd day of the recently concluded Winter Session. It so happened that after 2 days of ruckus and following adjournments, the BJP were furious on the 3rd day to not see any of the 6 Ministers present for the House to run smoothly. The House got adjourned for 10 minutes and Ministers including the CM were called upon by the Speaker. They came and Shivsena’s Subhash Desai got up and tabled some reports. The House was running smoothly. But then Ajit Pawar raised his hand and wanted to speak. Pawar, also has been made to seat perfectly in the Centre, bang opposite the Speaker; right in middle where LoP Devendra Fadnavis is to his right and CM Uddhav Thackrey to his left. No, no, it isnt any indication but MLAs are given numbers and seats are allocated accordingly. But just observe how ‘nature’ works. Pawar, who might be a deciding factor, gets to seat between the POWER (tussle) of Maharshtra. Anyway, the Speaker did give Pawar a chance to speak. Pawar said, in order to maintain the decorum and discipline of the House, every member should sit on his own chair and address the House. Until then, no one had noticed that Subhash Desai whilst tabling the report had got up from is seat, moved to the seat next to CM Uddhav Thackrey and had made his speech. Ajit in  a very decent way, warned everyone to sit on allocated seats and made clear his stance. The seat next to the CM Thackrey belongs to the DCM for which Pawar is in the race…Indications are loud & clear. 

5. Heard, ex Chief Ministers of Congress Prithviraj Chavan and Ashok Chavan will not be a part as Ministers of the Government. They are paying their way off for the junior leaders to take the responsibility and these two ‘seniors’ will work for the party and overall see the smooth functioning of this tripod government. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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