OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Vijay Gautam on compulsory leave…

Not many are knowing the reasons as to why & who is responsible for the IT scam of loan waiver to come in open…If sources are to be believed, a MLC from Vidharbha & a MP from Pune were behind this…Reason…apparently Vijay Gautam denied favour to a firm which these both wanted the work to be allotted to…Hence it was decided to nail Vijay Gautam…But what happened…instead of Vijay Gautam & Dhavangale–Kaustubh Dhavase’s image got tarnished…Yes, no Nidhi Kamdar or Shreekant Bhartiya were behind this as spoken behind doors…A thorough study on the report submitted by E&Y (consultants) and the changes made in them will be enough to understand why Dhavangale was favoured… Gautam had apparently made E& Y his office for days together….Also to add fuel to the fire, it is said that not even one Secretary in Mantralaya was happy with Gautam’s working style…every time the Secretaries & their department wanted to do something (since every process right from inviting tender to implementation is done online now) Gautam managed to create a roadblock & hinder the development…..His spar with Porwal & Chandra were talking point in the circle months ago…By the way the MLC responsible for unearthing this scam, is supposedly to be closest to the CM…he is now scared that his friendship will be at stake if the CM comes to know, as a lot of embarrassment is in store for the CM at the upcoming winter session…Ahh…. the main reason, it was said that the name of Vijay Gautam was doing the rounds when it was discussed who will come to the CMO if any reshuffle happens there….So no further guesses who must have helped the MP & the MLC….

2. Times of India’s goof up yet again…

“The news of  Principal Secretary Vijay Gautam of the IT department sent on compulsory news appeared in Page 2 of Times of India today in a small column on the left hand side of the page with byline of senior cum retired editor….Hate to do this but 3 mistakes in that news…No 1– the news is exact copy paste of (So the news of copy/paste practice with own’s byline which I gave years back seems to be true)…OK if you have copied the news, just mentioned Times News Network as other papers practice if they aren’t sure of the source or if they received a press note…Secondly, it is mentioned Vijay Gautam is referred as  “Secretary”, but as a matter of fact he is Principal Secretary of the department, which is a notch higher than the post mentioned…Third mistake, it is mentioned the Finance Secretary Mr. V.K Jain along with Co op Secretary SS Sandhu have been given the task to implement the scheme…I tried very hard but couldn’t find a bureaucrat by the name V K Jain….Then I realised (I’m assuming), it is D.K. Jain who again is not a secretary, but ACS of the Finance Department…See, if a newbie like me makes mistakes, it is OK…but a veteran who has covered political beat for last 30 years, this is not expected…also is the desk sleeping?

3. Pravin Darekar, be cautious my friend….

So I hear Mr. Pravin Darekar ex-MNS MLA who is welcomed with open arms in the BJP is the new DON…He along with Mr. Prasad Lad are getting quite close & comfy with our beloved CM…experts claim that this is on purpose done by the CM in order to keep the likes of Vinod Tawde (who is laying low–by the way is it true that he has rented a flat around Mantralaya for his naughty desires to be fulfilled??) & the ever growing clout of Ashish Shelar on check…but CM sir, these people are more reliable than Darekar & Lad…Lad I hear is in contention of BJP city chief, if Shelar gets a birth in the cabinet in the reshuffle…surely a strong revolt will be registered from MLA’s Parag Alwani, Atul Bhatkalkar & Amit Satam who are actually eyeing for the post, if Lad/Darkear get it…I have heard Mumbai Co op Bank  whose office falls in the A ward, the terrace part of the office is converted into an Anti Chamber where most the “deals” are done by Darekar…SO when a marathi leading newspaper reported about this, they were managed handsomely….

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