OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines…

1. Sena wants English Train Station names changed

Now Grant Road will be Gamdevi, Charni Road will be Girgaum, Elphinstone road will be Prabhadevi, Sandhurst Road will be Dongri, Cotton Green will be Kalachowki, Reay Road will be Ghodpdeo and Currey Road will be Lalbaug. What??? Does Mumbai belong to only Marathi people or what? If Shivsena thinks so then why does Aditya Thackrey tweets and reads only in English. Why did the Thackrey family’s children studied in English schools and own properties in ENGLISH land? I’m of the view had our country been in Britisher’s hand, we would have lived a good life today. We Indians are best when we are told and guided. At least, our country would have been saved from being raped & murdered time & again by the corrupt, illiterate and bogus politicians who were handed a goldmine in 1947.  By the way Shivsena–naming of stations in Marathi is OK but tell me in all sincerity how many Marathi speaking people stay in these areas? Aren’t you only responsible (real estate partnerships of Sena & Non-Marathi businessmen) for driving them as far as to Virar & Vashi & outskirts of Mumbai? When 11 people died in bombblast in Dadar  years ago, only 2 people of 11 were Marathi; and Dadar is known for marathi manus right ? Where is Marathi Manus ? 

2. Scam impact: Chief Eng (roads) nod must to dig up & repair roads

Yesterday Chief Engineer  (roads) of PWD CP Joshi’s office was occupied by Anti-Corruption Sleuths for hours. Apparently the ACB occupied the CE’s office during general publics visiting hours. People who had come from far, who had to stood in the queue for pass in the scorching sun and after 2 hours of hardship when they entered Mantralaya, they are told to come next time as ACB is inquiring corrupt babus or getting information from him in relation to another scams. My question, now in the BMC if the Chief Engineer is only corrupt, again the same thing is bound to happen (read road scam)?? Apparently one Chief Engineer is already suspended for favouring contractors. In my views, the person who will occupy the seat has to be monitored by some agencies regularly (vigilance and ACB)

3.  Resident docs on ‘mass leave; 400 ops on hold

This is inhumane. Strike of approx 4500 doctors across the state and keeping patients operation on hold is not what the Doctors are meant to do. Apparently a doctor was attacked by public in Parel which led to the strike yesterday. Ever heard our Indian army or jawans protecting our country refusing to do their duty just because they are attacked? But for one issue, to hold 400 operations (what if some of them are matters of life & death ) and punish so many people is inhumane! The doctors need security but not at the cost of holding people at ransom. 

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