OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Pankaja Munde how are you the ‘kingmaker’? Please make us understand!!

In yesterday’s Dussehra rally, Pankaja Munde roared that she will still be the kingmaker in the politics of Marathwada. I have some questions for her. I might be wrong, but please tell me if Pankaja Munde is the Kingmaker then how come Parli-Ambajogai Panchayat Samiti, Agriculture Market Samiti, Shetkari Shakari Kharedi-Vikri Sangh which are the basics of any constituency are in the NCP’s hands? 10 out of 12 Zilla Parishad members belong to NCP… OK, tell me what strictures did the High Court pass when Pankaja Munde shifted basic infrastructure works under 25/15 of Gram Panchayat to the PWD? For readers, certain development works within the Taluka level or at the village levels is done by the Gram Panchayats under the 25/15 rule. What Munde did, is allegedly during campaigning of 2014 when the Gram panchayat was in her hands (thanks to her father Late Shri Gopinath ji Munde) she  got and transferred government funds to these panchayats for development. All the Sarpanch’s were loaded with money and raring to develop their villages. But as soon as Pankaja Munde lost her Gram Panchayat 2017 elections to the NCP, she transferred all the work she had allotted to be done under the PWD, obviously the funds too…5 Sarpanch’s went to the High Court and strictures were passed on Munde that such transfer work was out merely out of political decision and not as per law. Also, the promise Munde made last evening that she will set up public sector undertaking for the sugarcane cutters, readers, please google and find out she has made the same promises 14th December 2014, 21st October 2015, 6th November 2017, latest one being on 1st October claiming to set up the undertaking before the Dussehra. Kingmaker!! Great!!! गिरे तो भी टांग ऊपर!!!

2. Nashik Collector kaisa ho, Radhakrishnan jaisa ho…

Efforts of any officers is to be praised. Nashik, being at the political centre point for the Bhujbal’s and the Raj Thackrey’s very few would think that bureaucrats can make a difference here owing to the pressure of these heavy weights. But at Corporation Tukaram Mundhe going against the tide and now Collector Radhakrishnan B going on rampant development agenda, both are proving Nashikar’s something different. In their endeavour to boost indigenous and commercial tourism in and around Nashik, Collector has launched a program “Unravel Nashik”. What started as a small dream to create a coffee table book transformed into a digital avatar and a web portal came into existence. The portal features 100+ destinations, places to visit that will leave you mesmerised. The portal has partnered with AirBNB, and Zoom Car that allows travellers to have a seamless experience. Must visit portal for avid travellers around Nashik–

3. Who is the ‘latest’ BMC Commissioner contender?

 Well, in January 2019 most probably when the current Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta will take charge as the next Chief Secretary of the State, there are names of Chief Minister’s ACS Pravin Pardeshi and Revenue Department’s PS Manukumar Shrivastav doing the rounds of becoming Mumbai’s next Municipal Commissioner.  Dr. Nitin Kareer has already distanced himself from the race by asking the CM to head the Public Health Department. But as per latest ‘gossip’ doing rounds, there is another contender for the post now. Iqbal Singh Chahal….He has already told couple of his ‘friends’ about this new development. 

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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