OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines….

1. Co-op Dept’s big fish in IT net

My father has written a blog in Marathi on the same…Do go through…but its in Marathi…posting the link below. Anyways Vikas Rasal who was caught day before by the IT department for possessing Rs. 50 lakhs cash on his way back from Delhi at the airport, is indeed a big fish. If you all recollect, whenever there were discussions and a list was made for the probable promotee’s, since last 3 to 4 years, Vikas Rasal’s name always cropped up in that list. Thank God, he did not become IAS in all this years…by the way hope you people read today’s Samna… another Big Fish of this department Mr. Shivaji Pahinkar who is heading the crucial APMC is in trouble for issuing dubious bills in the name of Dog Squad and also “settling” the bill of one big corporate…Apparently the corporate honcho owed the government somewhere around Rs. 9 crore, but when he consulted Shivaji rao, and the bill was settled for Rs. 7 lakhs…yes..that’s what Samna has reported…but this settlement of bills is not new for him…One Masala King from Vidharbha had recieved such able guidance from Pahinkar, wherein his former colleague and Secretary APMC had penalised the Masala King for Rs. 12 crore…The bill was settled with the help of current Minister for Rs. 25 lakhs only….Time for the CM & journalists to actually pay attention on the Co-op department…Technically Revenue department has lion’s share when it comes to elevation to IAS amongst Govt employees, but it looks Co-op Department has got their contacts right in Delhi…The link to my fathers blog

प्रशासकीय अधिकारी : ( सुधारित लेख ) : पत्रकार हेमं…

2. Deepak Kapoor new SRA-CEO

I mean, thats one hell of a news I received couple of hours back…How Maharashtra is hungry for all senior bureaucrats is what I will conclude from this..Mostly all the ones who possess integrity and are capable of handling such major departments are all in Delhi or sitting with side-postings here in Maharashtra…If asked me personally, my gut said Milind Mhaiskar would have been ideal choice for handling both MHADA & SRA… (After all SRA was a part of Mhada earlier) One–he has the right attitude for the development of the city & Two–he has the right image to handle otherwise corrupt departments..but again–as here either that one good officer is wasted by posting him all over Maharashtra or he himself gets frustrated with so many additional charges given…Many times I also think–Are certain transfers which raise eyebrows happen only at Maharashtra level? No…don’t think so…Delhi here plays an important role…Mind you! All the best to Deepak Kapoor but will the controversies of the latest Tur Daal, MSRTC & Dr  Sahay leave him alone, well, time will say!! People are asking me what happened with positings of Bhushan Gagrani coming to the CMO & R A Rajeev to Cidco…for all them, भाईसाब, यहाँ कुछ भी हो सकता है–so lets wait for the orders to be signed and then predict….

3. MLA Prashant Bamb’s bomb on the PWD

Todays Samna also reported BJP MLA Prashant Bamb taking potshots on PWD…but PWD was led by the clean, strict, Amit Shah connected and an honest person Chandrakant Patil right? People swear by his integrity Prashant ji…Also the staff with whom I’m interacting for various reasons, 99% are very able including the department’s Secretary Ashish Kumar Singh…so where is the question of corruption and if yes, who are responsible? Prashant ji, you say, this government is more corrupt than the earlier one, lets not throw stones at each other…You are a part of the same party which is ruling, if and only if you have authentic documents proving corruption how about approaching and complaining of all of them involved to the Secretary, Minister himself or even the CM? Then no backing out huh…What is stopping you? Then if all this authorities don’t listen to you, approach ACB…get them trapped…only by shooting to make headlines is not correct..But at the same time, Ill play a devils advocate here…have been observing PWD very closely…yes the department’s psychology is very bad…. We have all seen that…I mean an OSD to Bhujbal today has stood for an election in 2014 & lost with a small margin…just imagine the kind of money that floats here…elections are not fought without money, they say…and yes big money….

4. Hemant Patil & Narendra Mehta play hero..

Shivsena MLA Hemant Patil & BJP’s MLA Narendra Mehta have ensured that the people who offered them bribe to do their works were arrested by the ACB…wow…but don’t know why remembered this dialogue from the famous Hindi movie WAQT, “जिनके घर शीशे के होते है, वो दूसरों के घर पर पत्थर नहीं मारे करते जानी”..just a thought…no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments here…

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