OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

OFF THE RECORD review on some of todays headlines

1. Government: New Rs. 1000 notes not soon

Rumours are spread across the country after the demonetisation announcement by the PM. Got several messages such as your bank lockers can’t be opened alone now! A revenue official will accompany you to the locker and if excessive gold found, it will be taken back by the government. Next rumour is that an IT official along with a Sales Tax officer will be present in every branch of all banks just to monitor the Manager if he encourages “adjustment”. Next was that 1000 rupee note will be circulated in the market after 6 months! If this happens, then clearly the agenda to demonetise 1000 rupee note, was to only stop or curb the counterfeit market used for anti national activities. 

2. IT probing jewellers and hawala agents

The ones who made “money” out of the whole panicked situation in the country for the last 2 days were the jewellers and the Hawala agents. Gold was sold at a record of Rs. 50000/- per tola and hawala agents charged commission up to 40% for getting an entry or transferring your cash in tax heavens. The whole “Angadia” market is shut for Diwali for good 8 days till Laab Pachaam. But surprisingly, the hawala racket or angadia’s did not operate even after Diwali…Talk about getting tips! What is angadia? With a  commission of Rs. 200 per lakh these people take your cash say in Mumbai and the same day you can get cash in any part of the world!! The turnover of angadia in Mumbai alone is estimated to be Rs. 200 crore per day!! People were seen queuing the jeweller shops. My question, the jeweller will have to despot your cash in the bank right? If you know, all jewellers take your address whilst preparation of the bills? Wont it be accounted and won’t you be caught ? 

3. Lalbaug flyover shows cracks after just 5 years 

Another shame to the people who built this flyover! Waiting for the agency to take the onus, and let the blame game begin!

4. Homemakers cash stash not on Radar-IT

They will say it now, and later when you put lakhs of rupees in savings accounts of your spouses, the source will be surely questioned. Don’t get fooled by any of this. If you see, the agencies haven’t had any check-nakas in and around Mumbai. They are letting you play with whatever you have ! Once everything is accounted, God bless you!!

5.  मोदींच्या गुजरातमध्ये सात महिन्यांपूर्वीच नोटा रद्द ? 

Apparently a newspaper cutting made way to our media’s whatsapp group saying that Gujarat was tipped off as early as 6 months that demonetisation will take place. Now I know a place in Gujrat, a village which is known for “angadia” business only. The whole village does only this. Whole market is knows about this. Just for your information, this whole village had stopped its activity in the last 6 months. Not a single rupee was either sent out, nor received! Modi loves his Gujrat & his Gujrati’s!! 

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