OFF THE RECORD review on some of the news….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of the news….

1. I am not Amay Joshi, but yes, some of my predictions are coming true. 

I’m not any Amay Joshi who predicts future of politicians and bureaucrats these days. But yes, what I write is surely turning out to be true. Don’t worry unlike predictions, my writings are based on information which are fact-based, correct, genuine & most of the times from the horses mouth.. So on 6th April 2019 I had written that Ajoy Mehta will become the CS of our state & It happened! Now, next information what I have received is that come June, in the first week, we will have Cabinet expansion in Maharashtra.  Some new faces will be inducted in the cabinet and few will be dropped. Watch out for this space to get the new names soon…

Also next prediction is that the CM will make changes in bureaucracy (top most) after the 23rd May, and it surely has to be the last one before our state goes into election mode. No major changes though, but yes some surely. In this Tug of War to become the Chief Secretary my heart goes out for UPS Madan. A genuine humble bureaucrat who has been dealth severely after Medha Gadgil. First he was convinced that MPSC will be his option, but don’t know how, he changed his mind then. Finally he was appointed at the CMO as an advisor, to keep his respect. But all said and done, Madan was, is and will be disappointed….

I smelt the rat that the BMC chief will be given to Pravin Pardeshi when Pardeshi preponed his leave by 10 days. Hope God has some mercy on the new BMC chief as at mantralaya Pardeshi always dealth with the polish crowd, and here at the BMC, visitors either ties a saffron ribbon or has a grown beard and owns a illegal restaurant or bar. For Pardeshi, it is like coming from the ocean to the lake. But it’s OK, with his positive temperament and workaholic nature (yes he can work for 20 hours in a day) he will do justice with us, the Mumbaikars! Pardeshi Saheb, Ajoy Mehta was the only Commissioner in the BMC who managed to keep class and also at the same time could get work done. Time for forget old things and here is to the new times between you two…Kuch ho nah ho sir, please get the DP implemented asap!

2. MSRTC–Time for paying some attention

A leading daily few days ago published a story on the corrupt practices going on in the MSRTC headed by MD Ranjit Singh Deol and Minister Diwakar Raote. Anyways, the story goes that MSRTC had floated a tender in order to appoint franchisee’s for Pradhan Mantri’s Jan Aushadhi Kendras at various bus depots in maharashtra. Now the best part– the company who has been allotted this tender to appoint 10, 000 (Ten Thousand) franchise across the state is facing an inquiry by the ACB in regard to corruption charges in supplies in the Social Welfare department years ago. Apparently same Mr. Ranjit Singh Deol was the Commissioner then and the company was Gunina Commercial Pvt Ltd headed by Prashant Maheswari, a regular at NCP’s office. Anyway, if you read the article (please don’t ask me the link, google it) there is clear indication of malpractices happening everywhere to award the tender. And this Gunina Commercial has collected Rs. 2,540 from per applicant as Application fees from all the 10,000 applications, and yes nothing was mentioned in the advertisement in regard to this collection. And yes, before you blink, some few months ago same MSRTC had given same Gunina Commercial another contract worth crores to start ST Jalad parcel Seva (courier). Best part is, Gunina does not have any experience in either Pharmacy nor Courier industry. Fir Itni Meherbani kyuon???? I have put an RTI let’s see what the government has to say….

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