OFF THE RECORD review on some of headlines….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of

 1. Welcome DGP Nagrale….

A Nagpurian who was always kept on side
postings by Maharashtra, apart from doing a stint at CBI & being Navi
Mumbai Commissioner, Nagrale finally gets his due after his name was chosen to
occupy the DGP chair, Sanjay “Pandey” being “obviously”
left out by the “Saheb”. But Nagrale too has not had it easy. A lot
of Dayal’s in those times initially tried to finish-off Nagrale’s
career by constantly nagging him & not allowing
to occupy good posts. They knew he had age on his side and he
can reach at the top and that’s why they detested him. But fate had its own way
and today Hemant Nagrale is our DGP. Welcome sir….

 2. CS Sanjay Kumar to apply
for extension. 

As per sources, everything has been
sorted out to help CS Sanjay Kumar get an extension for a period of 3 months
who was set to retire in February 2021. If this happens undoubtedly Advisor to
CM Ajoy Mehta will also continue for a period of 3 months and the post for both
RERA & MERC would be kept vacant for 3 months as both top bosses for both
corporations too happen to retire in February 2021. If the Center does not give
extension for any reason, CS will go to MERC/RERA, & it would be curtains
for Mehta too as an Advisor to the CM (He will go to RERA), as then, it will be
Sitaram Kunte who will occupy the CS cabin…. and it will be either his way or
the Highway!

3. PBS
all the way!

In the
Mumbai Police history, there would be hardly anyone occupying the biggest post
as CP Mumbai, if he is not the 1st choice of the Chief Minister. It has never
happened… but it did, last year! I wouldn’t call Param Bir Singh as hot favourite of
CM Uddhav Thackeray back then, but yes, CM wanted “then” CP to
continue for some more time, but “then” CS wanted his way & CM
was totally dependent on then CS, as we all know. PBS became CP
Mumbai and his ride was no easy from Day 1. First, he had to fight the mighty
“Gangs of Wasseypur” (all chilling at WTC now), then he had to prove
his mettle and finally win CM’s heart. But as they say, fortune favours the
brave! The handling of Sushant Singh Rajput case &
the way Mumbai Police controlled the public during Pandemic, CM had to open his
arms to the CP. Then the last thorn in CP’s way was the DGP, not a great
admirer of PBS. But then DGP himself opted for Delhi (I was surprised CS
Sanjay Kumar didn’t even convince him for 1 minute).  Now it’s all PBS
show. What I learnt from the PBS is, he likes to do things his own way–he
creates one and rides there. He is suave & charismatic and, in
the force, as they say, there is only 1 boss. Few below him try to keep in
touch with media, social media and CM, Saheb too showing off their contacts,
achievements via social media, but PBS is way ahead friends. These show-off’s,
buttering to ‘Saheb’ type officers will soon sit at WTC if they try to go
beyond PBS, believe me! PBS is way beyond petty politics of the force, give
‘me’ credit types, does not play Maratha-non-Maratha card, & is not running behind publicity hungry issues. Officers not having ‘Vishwas’ in
themselves should understand that. He comes to know everything, and has eyes
& ears on the ground!   Let Param Bir Singh only do the batting,
you just be his runner that too, if he needs one!

4. BMC lodges FIR on Actor Sonu

BMC not appreciated
at all! He is the same Sonu Sood who was God for so many, including you, when
he helped people of India during pandemic to reach their homes (with his own
money) & now you are filing FIR’s against him and for what reason? He
converted his own house just to help COVID-19 victims nah? Is he doing it for
himself? Very poor decision BMC & people ruling it! 

BMC ko Sood
bharpaayi karni hogi!!

Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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