OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines today….

OFF THE RECORD review on some of the headlines today…. 

1. तुकाराम मुंढे यांना न्यायालयाचा दणका-लोकमत 

Even after having a stay order from the Court, Nashik Corporation went ahead and demolished the “illegal” compound wall of Greenfield Lawns and in regard to not following court’s order, Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe got an earful from the court, claims Lokmat today. But matter of fact is something different here. It is a typical situation wherein a clean officer like Mundhe has been yet again made a scapegoat and brought in trouble due to the high-handedness of bureaucrats working under him and the nexus they enjoy with the third grade land sharks of Nashik. Especially owner of Vishwas Lawns owned by a person called Vishwas Thakur, a close associate of Supriya Sule. Anyways, Out of some 170 odd lawns in Nashik, today only 5 are legally constructed as per information. Also when the demolition was going on, it had started in the morning. The party’s lawyer came to the department and handed over the stay order to the department at 3pm. Technically the department should have immediately informed the concerned officer who was on the field but he chose to remain mum. What is this? Isn’t this a typical case now wherein a IAS officer wants to work but the officers below him are stopping him…anyways by the time the order was communicated taking their own time, the compound was razed and Commissioner was left nothing but embarrassment. I’m always on the side of brave & courageous officers like Mundhe….Fight on!!

२. पैसा झाला मोठा–अतुल कुलकर्णी-लोकमत 

What an apt article on how people are deserting NCP for money and how horse-trading is playing an important role in Vidhan Parishad elections. But Kulkarni forgot to mention that  Ramesh Karad who had taken NCP’s nomination and withdrew at the last minute, it was not a failure of Sharad Pawar as mentioned in the article. It was 200% failure of Ajit Pawar and the oversmart Amarsingh Pandit who clicked a deal with Karad and in all Dhananjay Munde was made a scapegoat. Munde took the whole blame on to himself even without blinking an eyelid. I’m telling you, in NCP the war is not with other parties. It is Sharad Pawar wanting to take Supriya Sule ahead of Ajit Pawar. But Kaka has left no stone unturned to embarrass Ajit Pawar time & again, when he announced Jayant Patil as the Party chief instead of Shashikant Shinde (Dada aide). This was the final nail in the coffin when it came to family feud on display. 

In regard to horse trading in recently concluded Vidhan parishad here are my views….

विधान परिषद निवडणूक की घोडेबाजार ?
आयुष्यभर अकोला येथे राहणारा नवखा पोरगा बाजोरिया जेव्हा परभणीतुन जिंकतो, दराडे म्हणतात मी जातीच्या (भुजबळ) भरवश्यावर जिंकलो, अनिकेत तटकरे यांना राणे जिंकवतात…आता महाराष्ट्र विधान परिषद म्हणायची की दलाल, दरोडेखोर, जातीवादी आणि व्यापारींची मेहफिलीच ठिकाण? सगळेच बोगस…गाडगीळ, आंबटकर, रावते ह्यांना प्लिज घरी बसावा….यांना नाही सहन होणार या सगळ्या महाराष्ट्र विक्रेत्यांच्या मध्ये बसून…. महाराष्ट्र चाललाय कुठे? मी नेहमी सभाच कव्हर करतो…परिषद मध्ये पाय ठेवची इच्छा देखील होत नाही….तिथे जाऊन असे वाटते, की खुद्द दाऊद देशभक्तीचे किस्से ऐकवत आहे…विधान परिषद बरखास्त झाली पाहिजे, या मतावर मी आलो आहे…

Vikrant Joshi 

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