OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines…

OFF THE RECORD review of some of todays headlines…

1. PM: How will you face Balasaheb Thackrey in heaven (to Sena MP’s)

Being a commoner, we all always think that all politicians should rot in hell. But mind you, there are some who actually deserve heaven even after “some” mistakes are committed from them, which we always think are pardonable! Mistakes are committed by such souls only on emotional grounds.  Balasaheb (ONLY HIM) was one of them. He surely is in the heaven for the endless good deeds & obligations he has done for people of Maharashtra. Yesterday Shiv Sena’s MPs went to meet PM Modi over demonetisation issue and Modi uttered the above words. But Modi ji, out of all the MP’s present yesterday in the Sena’s delegation, please give me one name that will go to heaven after they leave their corrupt souls here. One MP during his stint here in the BMC was so shameful, that he use to collect money (bribe) in Mandir. One pujari was appointed for the purpose! How do you expect to let them go to heaven, PM? 

2. Cong, BJP bag 2 seats each in council polls, NCP & Sena get 1 each 

Finally Patangrao Kadam’s dream comes true. His brother gets elected in the upper house. Patangrao (lady lover even at this age) didn’t leave one stone unturned to get his idiotic brother victorious. Spent money as if there is no tomorrow. I should thank God for not letting corrupt & bogus officer Sham Sunder Shinde win from Nanded. Rajurkar beat him but again not with a big margin. Last heard, Shamsunder Sindhe had spent Rs. 25 crore for this election. When demonetisation took place, he had offered pieces of lands to the voters, as a token for voting for him. But thank God, it all went in vain. My bad luck, even his son’s name is Vikrant. If you all recollect Vikrant is the same boy who had created havoc in the South Mumbai’s society where all bureaucrats & judges stay. He had continuously knocked on to a judge’s door for which Shamsunder Shinde was embarrassed to no extend and Mumbai Mirror had done the story. Later I found out, unlike me, he loves his drinks & sniff’s!! “शिंदे जी, स्वर्ग नर्क काहीही नसत, सारी पापे इथेच फेडावे लागतात..तुम्ही आयुष्यभर नुसता पैसा कमावला, बघा विक्रांत कसा निघाला “… In Gondia, CM’s closest aide Parinay Fuke won. Expected. Now PArinay ji, this is Mumbai and you are in the big game. Believe me when I say this, we are not some journalist like your friends from Nagpur working here, who will stand behind you when you are caught in 5 star hotels with babes! 

3. J & K encounter: 3 killed body of 1 mutilated 

Another mayhem by Paki’s. But it was surprising to see new currency found near bodies of terrorists. This demonisation had done at least 1 good thing in Kashmir. Since 8th of November, no locals were hired for stone pelting or throwing grenades at the army as there was no money to spend for the terrorists! 

4. Demonetisation pulls down state’s rising alcohol sales, more turn to country liquor 

Haha..dont tell me now, our babu’s and heavy drinkers in Journalism will be having “desi” and performing their duties. Those who are regulars at the bars (officers) had already stocked up at their homes on the 8th night itself. Why only officers ? Tell me as if you all didn’t!! But for sure Press Club is crying foul as it seems deserted nowadays. 

5. For Rs. 90 an hour, someone’s willing to queue up for you..

New idea for our black money owners. Don’t be surprised if this company which is from Noida, sees a lot of travellers from Delhi to Mumbai, or some over enthusiast IT guy starting this service in Mumbai. 

6. मुख्यमंत्र्यांनीच खासदारकीची दिली होती ऑफर -अतुल कुलकर्णी – लोकमत 

Didn’t I tell you on Monday it looks like a supari story against Nirupam. Now tell me, if CM had offered Rajya Sabha seat to Sanjay Nirupam, would party-men like Bhandari & others would have kept quiet? 100% CM wouldn’t have done this. MY opinion. Sanjay Nirupam is on “sharing & caring” relationship with a senior journalist from english media who is now best friends with Atul Kulkarni. Is it Atul is raking his value a bit more before he sits in front of Nirupam or is he following the best friends strategy? 

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