“Off The Record” highlights

Some 160 + newly elected members took oath today in Vidhan Bhavan. Some “Off The Record” highlights.

1. Only Sudhir Mungantiwar was the one who took oath by removing his “chappals”. Respect.

2. Vishnu Sawra took oath in Sanskrit, Jyoti Pappu Kalani in Sindhi,
Jaykumar Raval in Airani (local jalgaon khandesh language) & Sardar
Tarasingh in Punjabi.

3. Though Shivsainiks made a grand entry at
vidhan Bhavan with dholaks and admist “garjana” inside they were
behaving themselveswhile rest BJP NCP mlas were acting very “cool”. Hurting moments for SS to see like this. They deserve respect.

4. Ajit pawar was sitting right next to Ganpatrao Deshmukh, a veteran
who has completed 50 YEARS AS MLA. Kudos. Wonder who was teaching whom
as both don’t like to keep quite.
5. It was a sight to see when Amita Ashok Chavan came to the podium. Man she can put any man’s walk to shame. 

6. One MLA sitting right behind Devendra Fadnavis and Girish Bapat
almost touched everyone’s feet whosoever passed by him. Strange.

Newly elected MLA Thombre madam couldn’t control her clicking “selfie”
obsession. Thombre bai there are some rules you need to follow in the

8. Hitendra Thakur taking oath was phenomenal. He has a very “bhai”thak awaaz. 

9. Similarly his son Kshìtij had quite a lot of pronunciation problems in Marathi. 

10. After ceremony, could see only Officers from previous ministry lobbying for ministrial cabins.

11. Heard sad news of a young journalist Swanand kulkarni’s demise due
to heart attack. He was working out in the gym when this happened. RIP.

(Published- 10th Nov.-2014)

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