Milind Narvekar – Hanuman of Uddhav

Milind Narvekar – Hanuman of Uddhav

What does this picture below say at the rally concluded yesterday, at Ausa, Latur?

Those who couldn’t guess it just look at the picture and observe who is sitting in the first row, first seat ? It is aceman of Shivsena— Milind Narvekar. He is sitting alongside CM Fadnavis, Uddhav Thackrey , Ramdas Athavale and others …. it certainly proves what Milind Narvekar is to this collaboration of BJP/Sena. Also FYI, Narvekar’s father expired on day when everyone celebrated Holi. Very close to his father Milind ji forgot all his pain and was present at Matoshri to render his services on the 4th day. Who does this ? If there is a newborn or a death in the family loyalties don’t turn up at work for days. But this is Milind Narvekar. People might say anything about his clout but why Balasaheb, Uddhav and now Aditya prefer him is because of this undying spirit of loyalty he carries towards the Thackrey’s… Then be it a Raj Thackrey , Chagan Bhujbal, Narayan Rane or a Ganesh Naik everyone was shown the door by Shivsena whomsoever tired Narvekar’s downfall. A true Hanuman to Uddhav Thackrey and certainly the ace when it comes to playing politics in Maharashtra. Then when it comes to giving it back, even Uddhav Thackrey does not stay behind. He was the one along with CM Fadnavis who made him sit on the first row right next to the PM of our country in the most important joint rally of the BJP and Sena …Otherwise these politicians and returning a favour, forget it…That’s why hats off to Milind Narvekar.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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