Jhol of Juhu…Trustee’s of Utpal Sanghvi School in trouble…

Jhol of Juhu…Trustee’s of Utpal Sanghvi school in trouble…

Jan 8th blog I had written if Chief Secretary Sanjay Kumar does not get an extension, it will be Sitaram Kunte who will be the next CS, and so it happened! Kunte has been appointed as the Chief Secretary of our state. Sanjay Kumar again as I had said, never ever wanted an extension of his term as the CS. He was happy in giving it away on the day of his retirement. It was CM Uddhav Thackeray who wanted Sanjay Kumar to stay for 3 months, but as per what grapevine suggests, Sanjay Kumar had other insecurities. He was like, if god-forbid the government changes hands, and if at that time, at the end of 3 months as temporary CS, I go and ask the new CM for a post-retirement posting, I will be in a soup. Hence, he opted out of his own, and now he can get easily appointed as the chairman of MERC, if Mukesh Khullar decides to back out. Mind you, Khullar is the dark horse here. And I pray, what happened with Satish Gavai, shouldn’t be repeated with Mukesh Khullar, heard Eknath Shinde was furious when he didn’t see Gavai’s name on the list! But, on the whole, none of the bureaucrats went against Kumar during his tenure as the CS nor spoke ill about him. He did his ‘balancing’ job as CS to the T. Thank You Mr. Kumar for your services, and welcome Mr. Sitaram Kunte!

Secondly, only the one person who deserves entire credit of going against the tide and writing against Minister Sanjay Rathod and the Puja Lahu Chavan case is my father Journalist Hemant Joshi. Yes, not a single channel nor newspaper had the courage to write against this entire episode in the beginning. My father did (3 blogs), and yes, yesterday when Rathod resigned our phones were buzzing with congratulatory messages. Kudos to such ‘real journalism’! But, one thing to notice–EX MINISTER Sanjay Rathod has to send the resignation to the Governor and not to the CM. Let’s see whats in store ahead.

Now moving on to the JHOL of Juhu. Got hold of documents wherein Juhu Parle Education Society (JPES) a trust, -who run and manage the famous Utpal Sanghvi School of Andheri are in trouble for sub-letting one of the prime properties opp Chandan Cinema, Juhu, they in turn had got leased from the 14 societies, the original owners. I got in touch with Mr. Harit Desai who has filed an application before the Charity Commissioner (No 1199 of 2018) under Section 41D of the Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950 against JPES trust and all trustees. So the story like this. Most of the part of Juhu belong to 14 societies (around 700 plot owners). These 14 societies back in day leased a plot to JPES Trust for a period of 99 years. What the JPES trust did, they subleased a plot (A-12/3 (8) being part of Plot no A-12-3 bearing CTS no 193/A admeausring about 266.33 sq meters for a period of 83 yeras to RD Singh (read the name carefully) for a consideration of Rs. 11 lakhs which is far below market price, whose today”s market value is more than Rs. 10 crore. As per Mr. Harit Desai, the applicant who is fighting at the Charity Commissioner’s office, this is a serious criminal breach of trust and fraud with 700 plot owners (the 14 societies). As per the Trust act, no trust can sub-lease a property for more than 30 years and here the JPES has subleased for 83 years. Secondly, they have subleased the plot to RD Singh at less than 10% of Market value which leads to misappropriation of Trust property. Thirdly, the Trust does not have any consent of the Charity Commissioner, which is mandatory. Fourth, the said sub-let part of the plot that has been given to R D Singh was reserved as a playground. Now- how, when and why did the reservation change to commercial use? Apparently heard, a restaurant is planned in that illegal part of the plot. So, this leads to criminal breach of trust, and since 2018 Mr. Harit Desai is fighting against this JPES trust at the Charity Commissioner office, only dates come since last year, not justice! Defenders of the Trust Mr. Jayesh Chokshi, Sharad PArekh & others till today have not replied to the Charity Commissioner’s notices. Justice delayed, is Justice denied, concludes Mr. Harit Desai.

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