Idhar chala….mein udhar chala

On the 9th of September 2014, I had filed an RTI in regards to the
various files cleared by then Chief Minister Mr. Prithviraj Chavan in 2
months prior the government changed hands. On 18th of the same month
& year I recieved a letter from Chief Minister Office requesting me
to pay Rs. 636/- in exchange for the info.

But again, since the
Presidents rule was imposed in Maharashtra for 19 days, (Sharad Pawar’s
masterstroke) all the staff’s at the CMO
& Mantralaya had to vacate office. The day prior to that (before
these people “FINALLY” went to their own departments) I personally went
to the CMO to pay the fees but these people were not ready to take money
citing stupid reasons. I waited…New Govenrment, New Officers in
Mantralaya took charge. New faces, old customs… Day before again I
went…now the new CM office has no information as all papers/files
signed by his predecessor (Prithvi baba ) has been sent to the General
Administeraton Department. Agian New RTI is to be made to the GAD and
again the wait. Gosh.!

(Published- 1st Dec. 2014)

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