IAS J P Gupta to be shunted! For asking Questions!!

IAS J P Gupta to be shunted! For asking Questions!!

So, I never knew Minister Eknath Shinde had the right to transfer IAS bureaucrats as per his wishes & whims. And I never knew, Shivsena still has that ‘rebound’ love for the BJP still left in them. Half day hunger strike by the BJP MP Chhatrapati  Sambhaji Raje, without even asking/confirming what the ground reality is, Minister Shinde just went ahead and announced that JP Gupta, Secretary to the OBC Department, will be shunted from his current post. Only this assurance was made and Chhatrapati withdrew his hunger strike. Isn’t this a bit harsh on a senior level bureaucrat? I believe, even if CM Uddhav Thackrey might have instructed Shinde to visit Pune and take stock of the situation , I am sure Thackrey wouldn’t have asked for such a quick & swift ill informed decision, just to end the strike. And best part is, Minister of the Department is Vijay Wadettiwar and he did not even have a clue of this, until he spoke to Gupta and read it in the papers. But he has assured the bureaucrat, that come Tuesday’s Cabinet, he shall raise this issue. Boss, if any Minister can do this, bureaucrats brace yourselves for anything & everything.  I appeal to Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta to look into the file that has been lying on his desk about SARTHI’s mismanagement of funds and high-handness of one retired IFS & ex MD of SARTHI–R D Parihar. 

So why had JP Gupta to bear the brunt?  Apparently, the reason attributed is poor functioning of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Reseacrh, Training & Human Development Institute (SARTHI). But is it so? Is it the only reason for such strict action on a senior level bureaucrat? Well, the fact is SARTHI came into existence only a year or year & half ago. It belonged to the Social Justice Department and just about 6 to 7 months ago J P Gupta, OBC Secretary was made incharge of the same. SARTHI is an autonomous body and is managed by its ex MD, a RETIRED IFS R D Parihar. How PArihar became the boss to this autonomous body and whom and how did he ‘influence’ in the previous Government is to be pondered upon, as to appoint a retired bureaucrat heading this important body, no advertisements were given nor any procedures were followed. But he carried a reputation from BARTI (Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute), which had to be looked into, if I was the boss!


Now comes the twist in the tale. JP Gupta comes to head SARTHI at Mantralaya some 6 to 7 months ago. For the first two months, he keeps quiet, but since no one turns up for meetings and reviews, he decides to dig some graves. Apparently, SARTHI has been till now allotted funds in tune of Rs. 30 to 35 crores since its inception last year. You will be surprised not even 10% of the funds (Rs. 2.76 crores to be exact) have been spent on 450 students. Rest all the money has either gone in form of advertisements (Rs. 4 to 5 crore), purchasing of vehicles (6 cars costing 1 crore) paying hiring charges of 25 cars monthly, spending almost 1 crore on BOOK written by someone on the board, 70 lakhs worth of Computers, 1 crore on repairs of the buildings, and yes Rs 1 crore to an INTERNET private company called CDAC. Now in all SARTHI has 500 people on daily wages and no one in the government has a clue who is doing what? Now best part is 500 employee’s hired on daily wages need office right. But SARTHI’s office is just ground plus  one structure and everyone manages to sit at the same building. Now what I have heard, apparently RD Parihar moves around with cheque book in his pocket only. The minute deal is ‘struck’ he gives advances even before the file is prepared. All this information is given on notices served by JP Gupta to SARTHI.

Now I shall come to some findings which needs attention –In this recently concluded winter session of Nagpur some MLC had raised query about such working style of SARTHI. Minister at that time was Nitin Raut who managed to salvage the situation even if he knew what Parihar was. Also, as per GR no retired IFS person heading any corporation or autonomous body affiliated with the Government where Government gives funds has the right to use that money (As per GR dated 17/12/2016). What these people did, they just passed a general body resolution and handed over all the powers to the MD , in this case Parihar. No Government permission was asked or even consulted for spending money. Government had sanctioned only 3 posts for SARTHI. One MD, two an Accountant and 3rd a Registrar. Secondly, there are rules if you want to purchase vehicles. This Parihar has gone ahead and not only purchased 6 vehicles but allegedly hired 25 others too…Advertisements given in media –are they in consultation with the DGIPR, again remains a mystery. The amount tunes up to Rs. 4 to 5 crores. And what are 500 people doing in a small autonomous body and why are they and daily wages ? Government has given this body money, isn’t it a responsibility of the IAS officer especially if he is the Secreatry of the Department, take everything into account?

JP Gupta just did that. And he has been blamed for asking questions and management of accounts…No one comes to meet him at Mantralaya and when Gupta sent a team to manage the show from here after Parihar resigned in December, Parihar is not ready to give any accounts, show any books nor co-operate. This means he still has the rights to tamper with records and files. Gupta in his notices did try  to ask questions but of all notices only 1 was answered and that too in haphazard manner with NO CLARITY. If it is government’s money why is SARTHI not answerable? Isn’t it injustice to just shunt away people who ask questions? And forget everything, is this not injustice to the students under SARTHI too ?

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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  1. Avatar SACHIN PATIL says:

    1. SARTHI has got fund of only 16 crore in FY 2019-20. You are blindly quoting fund of 35 crore, which is baseless .
    2. You have written that SARTHI has more than 500 employee but in actual SARTHI has only about 70 people on contract basis, so you should not misguide the society.
    3. I dont know from where you have got the details that only 2.76 cr spent on students. for your information 250 students taking UPSC coaching in Delhi and if considering Rs 2 lakh coaching fees it comes 5 crore. About 150 students taking MPSC Coaching in Pune and fee for MPSC in market is about Rs 70000 per candidate so total fee will be about 1 cr. students also gets stipend of Rs 13000 per month the stipend cost of 400 UPSC and MPSC students for 6 month is about 3.12 crore. about 300 student got coaching for UGC NET exam its approximate cost is around 1.5 crore. More than 500 students got coaching for IBPS and Banking exam, its cost is about 1 crore. apart from UPSC, MPSC, UGC NET, IBPS, Military coaching, about 500 students getting fellowship for M. Phil, . Phd research work, it is almost 30000 the per candidate per month. I dont know instead of more than 2000 candidates from where you have got the data of only 400 students.
    4. Regarding purchase of 6 vehicle costing 1 crore, i dont know which 6 card bolero, ciaz, etc will cost such 1 cr is laughable. if you are literate enough then you should know that it is a capital expenditure and it has to be incurred in the beginning and it remains for almost 10 to 15 year, hence it is not a cost of one year. For your kind information BARTI has 16 vehicle in head office and more than 70 vehicle under caste scrutiny committee, TRTI has 8 vehicle in head office and more than 30 vehicle in caste scrutiny committee. SARTHI has only 6 vehicles which is serving about 3. 5 cr Maratha and Kunbi population which is much higher than BRTI 1.3 crore population , TRTI 1 crore population. from where you got fake data of SARTHI hired more than 25 cars on monthly basis, It shows how irresponsible you are to the society.
    5. Mr. Joshi, you are blaming SARTHI for spending 1 cr on building. you know that SARTHI is just established and in the initial stage capital expenditure is bound t0 incur for building, Computer, photo copy machine , printer, etc. it is necessary for running the company,.
    6. I dont know from where you got fake information that Rs 5 crore spent on advertisement. All the advertisement of SARTHI is done at the cost 10 to 15 % lower than government approved DGIPR rate. you also written that this SARTHI is established just about one year back and you know that it caters the need of more than 30 % population of Maharashtra, so a a government funded institute it becomes responsibility of SARTHI to make the public aware about the various schemes of the SARTHI, so that large number of needy people can get the benefit.
    I dont want to waste my time in correcting whatever you have written with your cheap intention. My only message to you to please dont write such article with facts which are baseless and incorrect. This institute is for the social cause of about 30 % population of Maharashtra. If you are a true citizen of the country and want to work for the good cause of society, you should not try to misguide the society by writing such nonsense article on public domain. I hope you will understand and you will withdraw your article from the public domain with apology. Don’t Run behind the cheep money and publicity and work for the good cause of the society.

  2. Avatar Rohi Shetty says:

    Dear Vikrant,
    What is the source of your information?
    Please let us know.

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