IAS ‘Bhap’giri ends in Maharashtra’s FDA

” Mahesh Zagade is sorely missed in this department”..No no, this isn’t coming from any MLC Shinde. It comes from the workmen, the inspectors, the activists the officers and even the peons of the department. They want Zagade back. The department wants him back. We want him back. But Zagade is fighting another terrific battle at the transport department. His vision is clear.  “I act, because I must…” Be it anywhere. Anyways, time for some OFF THE RECORD information of this Dr Bhapkar, an IAS officer who was made the Commissioner of the FDA but shunted out in a span of 4 months. Why? Don’t know…but let me put down some fact as to what transpired in those 4 months.

1. You must have heard about those 57 files that went missing from the crucial FDA department and one officer was suspended. Ok…this certain officer, who got suspended, was ex Commissioner Mahesh Zagade’s Man Friday. He was put in charge as the Joint Commissioner Vigilance, Asst. Commissioner IB, Licensing and Controller Authority of zone 7. He was SS Kale. Gradually in May 2014, the IB responsibility handed over to Madhuri Pawar and in August Fadtare appointed as JC Vigilance. Man Friday remains loyal and honest!

2. Comes September 2014. Mahesh Zagade, then Commissioner FDA, and SS Kale, now only the Asst Commissioner in Zone 7, get their transfer orders. Government keeps Zagade in waiting and transfers Kale to Osmanabad. Dr. Bhapkar steps in the shoes of Zagade and gets his prodigy Dhananjay Jadhav to the job in place of SS Kale. Jadhav has a trail of evidence of of fabrication of documents when he was a drug inspector.  Yet this non corrupt and efficient Kale hands over files to Jadhav in September itself. Done.  Period.

3. Comes November 2014. Bhapkar goes to media ( instead of internal enquiry)  and suddenly comes up with that some 57 files are missing and over hundreds of files of Vigilance pending and not acted upon by Kale. OFF THE RECORD, when the handover was done in September, why did it take 2 months to come up for Bhapkar to know that files were missing? Didn’t get this part. Kale’s mother passes away. On her 12th day of mourning, gets his suspension order. Uparwale teri meherbaniyaan…..

4. Apparently, as per info, I have heard Bhapkar had stationed a videographer right outside his cabin everyday during his tenure at FDA. Any meeting be it with his internal officers, this videographer would shoot everything and record everything. (Did the news of Anti Corruption putting a net on him reach that fast?) Glad  Dr Bhapkar doesn’t take this videographer at his special “friends” place in Bandra somewhere, else another scandal…hahaha…

5. Now Bhapkar plans to file a FIR at Kherwadi police station and gives Mrs. Pawar and Zadbuke the job to “convince” police officers to register the same. Police don’t budge. Say they will investigate and then only file an FIR. The lady officer at Kherwadi police station has to be complimented for withstanding IAS and media pressure to register FIR. At last, God starts to be kind to Kale. Bhapkar loses. An IAS officer stoops to this level, shame!

6. Now, Bhapkar’s final nail in the coffin was put by none other than a female officer at FDA. She first goes for a break of 2 months and from home opts for VRS after tremendous torturous treatment given to her. The  AD DCL,  as per information from insiders claim that one fine afternoon this lady officer left the office in tears frustrated! She was made to report to another “allegedly” corrupt officer imported by Bhapkar from Aurangabad. RR Pol is a known mischievous character in FDA and goes to an extend of not “scared” of anybody.  He is also indicted in several enquiries prima facie by Vigilance Department since a no nonsense Sahai was Vigilance Chief. RR POL was transferred by Zagade to Aurangabad as soon as he had resumed office.  Around half year RR POL doesn’t resume office at Aurangabad. Goes for a holiday for 200 days. RR POL is known for swindling of funds and fabrication of records and recommended for sending home as per VIG enquiry. Anyways, Visits abroad regularly. Now this officer as soon as Zagade is shunted out comes to Mumbai and to please his mentor Bhapkar.

7. Devendra Fadnavis’s government is elected. Out of 60 odd IAS officer transferred, Dr Bhapkar gets the axe. Shunted out. FDA breathes.

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