IAS and IPS threatened (to perform) by the CM?

We all know that there is no love lost between the BJP/ Sena and NCP/Congress. When the later was in government, we often heard stories of how during  in any legislative assembly, it was easy for the ruling party to drop questions or queries In the house by a mere phone call to then PS of leader of opposition. Though Devendra Fadnavis was  not new to this, we also heard how frustrating it was for him to put pressure on the Ajit Pawar camp, whom he had targeted often. But can anyone tell me, have you ever heard Devendra Fadnavis unearthing one scandal and putting it to the logical end?

Apart from attention motions, and speaking agressively on various corruption issues, it was the only duty he performed. Guess the highest authority never gave him that chance to put the final nail in the coffin. But also at the same time the fire was burning inside him, to put an end to this one phone call procedure to end discussions in the house, put the corrupt behind bars and have a clean administration. Likewise, Modi/Amit Shah must have thought. BJP reigns in the state!  Devendra Fadnavis gets the nod to become CM, ahead of Khadse and Other senior leaders.

Comes, Devendras “nagpuri” Raaj! Good days for bureaucrats of Nagpur. Even for an IRS officer who is placed on an IAS duty. Now was the time for Devendra Fadnavis to actually bring his image of a “clean/intelligent” Politician to implementation. He unearths all the scams, gives permission for enquiries and sets up SIT on anything and everything. Devendra’s concentration is not NCP but yes leaders who are caste spirited and have ruined states image. Unfortunately they are from NCP.  Now what I have heard, in the 60 odd transfers of IAS Devendra Fadnavis has  brought IAS and IPS officer of his own personal choice, whom he is confident off, and assigned them important portfolios wherein enquiries have set in. The officers have to put a clear picture in front of the committee/ SIT and additional responsibility is to unearth actual facts by digging the grave further and put NCP in a  fix. This as per what I presume, must be Devendra Fadnavis’s agenda to finish the otherwise shaky and ” cancerous” NCP leaders. But one thing that baffles me is the “threat” given to these IAS and IPS officers who are heading departments wherein enquiries have set in

” you have to perform and cause maximum damage, or else I have to find another replacement very soon” ….is the mandate given..but again let me put some light on this issue. Devendra Fadnavis is not against any party. He is after only certain people. He wants to build complete pressure on NCP. This in a way has kept a check on otherwise notorious SHIVSENA also.

My concern, I hope these bureaucrats on whom the “threat”is  looming don’t become another Ranjit Sahay!

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