I have faith in IAS Vinita Vaid Singal -Big Expose in ICDS

I have faith in IAS Vinita Vaid Singal- Big expose in ICDS

Someone told me that IAS Vinita Vaid Singal who has been posted at the Tourism Department spends more time at the Women & Child Development Department; agree, it is an Additional Charge, but  that does not mean Vinita Vaid Singal will not tolerate any type of non-sense or any corruption in her any of Departments; so what her attention is divided. Madam, one letter has been doing rounds in Mantralaya since many days. Thought you need to have a look. The letter is shouting ONE OF THE BIG SCAMS in ICDS. My only request is madam, today as I write this blog, meeting of Purchase Committee for the tender is getting conducted and yes, it will get approved, if you don’t pay attention to this immediately. This blog of mine is read by many RTI activists, Journalists and mind you leader of Opposition and your Minister’s brother Dhananjay Munde, who leaves no stone unturned to expose his cousin. So your decision on the expose below is at most critical…Please take a note of this….

14th Jan 2019 your department under the ICDS floated a tender (OK I shall give you exact details here) Bid No GEM/2019/B/157434 for procurement from GeM supply of Pegboards For Early Math or Traffic Weaving Peg Board, writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate, Puzzle and so on for Rs. 47 crore…..Now with confirmed news based on one of the letters written to you by one of this mafia gang of suppliers to every department, I shall bring the product, it’s ACTUAL COST v/s the COST FILLED BY THE MAFIA of this department. I shall tell you madam, this is the heights now…Along with action, you need to first get a stay order on this tender and find out who all have made money in this. IF you want we can approach ACB with joint hands, nothing like it….Now just look at the table below….

Pegboards for early math or tarffic weaving Peg Board Rs. 150  Rs. 549
Puzzles (Plastic Fit in) Rs. 151 Rs. 710
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (Swar) Rs. 170 Rs. 408 
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (Alphabet A-Z) Rs. 170 Rs. 408
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (Numbers 0-9 English) Rs. 174 Rs. 408
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (Vyajan Varnamala) Rs. 158 Rs. 408
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (alphabet a-z) Rs. 166 Rs. 408
Writing Slates or Wooden Engraving Slate (Numbers 0-9 marathi) Rs. 170 Rs. 408

Madam, this tender is worth Rs. 47 crores. Please make sure you handle this with utmost care and take strict action. By the way this letter which is doing the rounds of Mantralaya is written also by one of the contractors who couldn’t get his share in the pie. As usual, between Ministers, between bureaucrats and now even in Contractors every fight is only for the PERCENTAGE. We media people do take this into account too….

Thank you.

Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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