Dr. Bhapkar transferred to Pune..

In what could be just a minuscule contribution from ME, but surely it is. In my blog (www.vikrantjoshi.com) titled IAS Bhap”giri” ends in Maharashtra’s FDa….I had exposed how this certain Bhapkar had a total control on FDA and how ex FDA commissioner Mahesh Zagade and his officers were targeted, often planning to trap them or malign their image. In one or two such cases, he was successful. But due to a continuous fight by a NGO, Bhapkar was transferred/ shunted out from the FDA in mere 4 months. Again in yesterday’s bureaucratic reshuffle, Dr Bhapkar is now sent to Pune as Education Commissioner. My duty is to make my readers aware of the facts. Even though it is OFF THE RECORD.

Second blow to Bhapkar. If you all read the blog, I have clearly mentioned a certain officer who was targeted and suspended, thanks to special efforts taken by Bhapkar. If sources are to be believed, the Secretary of the Department has cleared his name from the enquiry and very soon, this officer will resume his duties again.

finally justice prevails…

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