“Chinese torture” and Officer !

Today’s OFF THE RECORD news from mantralaya..

One of the
Minister of our state government travelled to Sangli during the winter
session (December) but due to some reason his party chief had reached
Nagpur and demanded his immediate presence at Nagpur the next day.

the Minister booked the flight which was as early as 6. Obviously he
needed to spend the night someplace..being the simpleton he is, he
requested his Sangli department Regional Head to block a state guest
house, which is a primary right of
minister to stay. Guess what? This officer blatantly refused the
minister to book the guest house and that too in a very casual way. The
Minsiter who is the boss for this officer repremimanded him to
Mantralaya today and gave him what we all know the “Chinese torture”.
Made the officer wait the whole day met him at the fag end to hear his

(Published-9th Jan. 2015)

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