Bura Na Mano Holi Hai….

Bura Na Maano Holi Hai….

1. Whom do our state’s topmost bureaucrats don’t want in their cabin anytime?

A. Their spouses

B. Ravi Rana/Prasad Lad/Bhai Girkar

C. Insurance selling representatives

D. The Yakub brothers

2. Minister Vinod Tawde’s mood uplifts when he…

A.  Gets invited for any program at any Mahila Mandal.

B. His OSD Charudutt Shinde get’s him his favourite chicken dish

C. When he see’s Shardul Bayas, his unofficial only “male” partner.

D. When his wife comes to the rented flat near Oval Maidan.

3. The petrol pump right next to Mantralaya has been “grabbed” and “managed” by…

A. Anna Hazare

B. Trust of Mother Teresa

C. Baba Ramdev

D. MLC Pravin Darekar

4. When Pratap Sarnaik’s son got engaged to Minister Ranjit Patil’s daughter recently who was the happiest at the engagement ceremony.

A. Pratap Sarnaik himself

B. Dr Ranjit Patil Himself

C. The to be bride and groom OR

D. A close friend of Pratap Sarnaik, actress Divya Dutta

5. IAS Ashwini Joshi was immediately shunted out as Excise Commissioner due to…

A. Her strict nature.

B. Vishwanath Indise proved to a be thorn which she couldn’t get rid off.

C. Her “Panga” with Sudhir Mungantiwar (God, that’s the reason now all bureaucrats have started investing in their parents name now…No more property in spouse’s name)

D. Heavy Weight Nitin Gadkari’s one bogus friend was not helped by Ashwini Joshi.

6. What is Hope?

A. IPS Paramvir Singh–One day I will become the Commissioner of Mumbai by hook or by crook.

B. Bumrah–I will bat better than Virat Kohli

C. Devendra Fadnavis–I will get rid of telephone calls from Delhi.

D. Girish Mahajan-I will come home when everyone at home is awake.

7. Who according to you is closest to the Chief Minister?

A. Parinay Fuke, Pravin Datke, Sandip Joshi, Munna Yadav, the Nagpur Gang

B. Sumit Wankhede

C. Uddhav Thackrey

D. MP Kapil Patil (every alternate day he is at Varsha bloody asking for signatures on files like a beggar)

8. Father-Son combination who loot people promising to do the work and never return the advances?

A. Straguhna Sinha & Luv Sinha

B. Amitabh Bachchan & Abhishek Bachchan

C. Ramesh Deo & Ajinkya Deo

D. Suresh Oberoi & Vivek Oberoi

9. In the near future who is entering BJP?

A. Rohit Pawar

B. Pranitee Shinde

C. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil

D. Jayant Patil

10. Recently Additional Charge holder Vinita Singhal’s one ‘game’ went wrong…What was it?

A. Rs. 7,000 crore tender got scrapped by the Supreme Court

B. She proposes one thing at MTDC, but Minister Jaykumar Raval scraps it.

C. A game of Chess

D. None of the above

11. In the Corporations mentioned below, who is sitting on the throne with full of serpents around?

A. MiLind Mhaiskar (Mhada)

B. Deepak Kapoor (SRA)

C. Lokesh Chandra (Cidco)

D. All fo them.

12. Who has amazing oratory skills?

A. Parth Pawar

B. CS–D.K. Jain

C. Ram Kadam

D. MLA Capt. Tamil Selvan

13. Which male MP of BJP should not get re-elected due to “his” fraud nature?

A. Gopal Shetty

B. Heena Gavit

C. Raksha Khadse

D. Poonam Mahajan

14. Best negotiator these days for CM Fadnavis is…

A. Prasad Lad

B. Girish Mahajan

C. Girish Bapat

D. Chandrashekhar Bawankule

15. For continuous 4.5 years who stitched new clothes every time there was news of Cabinet expansion?

A. Sanjay Kute

B. Sujit Minchekar

C. Uday Samant

D. Mangal Prabhat Lodha

16. Who in the CMO is avoided by the CM himself when there are secretive talks, as this person cannot stop telling it to others?

A. Sumit Wankhede

B. Abhimanyu Pawar

C. Ravikiran Deshmukh

D. Ketan Pathak

17. Sudhir Mungantiwar’s best friend is…

A. Sachitanand Lalwani also known as Sacchu

B. Minister Prakash Mehta

C. Minister & Old pal Madan Yerawar

D. IAS Rajiv Jalota

18. If BJP/ShivSena come in power again, who will be the next Chief Minister ?

A. Devendra Fadnavis

B. Rashmi Thackrey

C. Aditya Thackrey

D. Sudhir Mungantiwar

19. Who is singing the most loved song, “Aane wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai”

A. Manukumar Shrivastav

B. Eknath Khadse

C. Sharad Pawar

D. Raj Thackrey

20. Navneet Kaur got ticket from NCP due to…

A. Her husbands (MLA Ravi Rana) hard work running everywhere with Sudhakar Shetty

B. Ajit Pawar stayed at Amravati for 8 days and took ground realities in consideration

C. Ajay Nawandar backed off

D. She promised she will stay with NCP even if her husband is close to the BJP.

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