Blue or Amber, a beacon on the car is certainly the style statement for our Bureaucrats!!

Alright…so as we have the gizmos trending , our bureaucrats never fall short in the “show off” business. The latest buzz with the bureaucrats of Maharashtra and Mantralaya, in particular,  is indeed the Amber or Blue beacon on top of their cars. The next to fall in line are the dark tinted glasses. So along with the dark tinted glasses with the beacon and “no work” gives our ordinary looking Marathi Manoos a very “dabang” feeling. They practically own the world when they are in these “Maharashtra Shasan” produced cars. Oops sorry….nowadays I see beacon on private owned cars as well…

Anyways, Supreme Court has given clear ruling on the people who are eligible to use the beacons on the cars..please google it those who don’t know. My questions is to our very own Revenue department officers. Friends, what on earth are you doing? I hope you all know that only the Tehsildars, SDM’s and District Magistrates are allowed to use beacon. Then why on earth will a deputy registrar, additional collector, deputy collector have a beacon on the car? Believe me I have photos of Deputy Secretaries using beacons on their cars. Why are Ministers P.S, PAs and OSDs using it?  Yes…don’t deny…. everyone does it.. Sir we live in Mumbai in the world of sources. Anyways, Has Khadse given an order that everyone can move in beacon cars? His staff does!

…Let’s move on….Civil Surgeons using that has to be a joke right….but sadly it isn’t…anyways, what these “chamkesh” officers do, they cover the beacon with a black cloth. Now that’s not the solution. It’s a crime! RTO and Traffic Officers, please authorize your men to check ID cards and initiate action. Okay if you are a too VVIP person tinted films on your car glasses are allowed that too with the permission of Home Department. If you just stand outside the gate on first day of any session in Vidhan Bhavan , you will see 99% Of the vehicles of Ministers, secretaries, MLAs and all other chamkesh officers will have tinted glasses on the cars. Now please tell me who on earth would want to have a look at Vishnu Sawra or a Mungantiwar behind those dark glasses?

Coming to the security part, do you know that no traffic havaldar dare to stop you if you have tinted glasses on your car and a flashing beacon, even if you cover it with a black cloth….now tomorrow what if any private secretary to a Minister is in such a car and sitting next to him is a dreaded gangster? believe me this person can walk in Mantralaya, unchecked! What are we compromising on? Just to save a few bucks for the TOLL? What I feel, is a simple solution from the government will also help us commoners and the police. Just publish the vehicle number along with the post and name of the person who are eligible to use beacon on the cars in your website. Traffic department will have the list, and they will fine whosoever found guilty. Isn’t it simple? And free of cost..also on the website give a link for citizens like us, we will make sure to click who use it and we send the photos. Punish the guilty. But again am putting, by allowing these type of lapses, we are breaching our own security. Even those officers, certainly I know who are of IAS cadre, have removed their beacons after Supreme Court notification. They will feel embarrassed if they see their juniors breaking the rules.

In a pvt vehicle with red lamp and tinted glasses any anti social element can roam around and plan the disaster.

P.S. Is it a trend for dalaals in Mantralay to sport a beacon on the dashboard of the car? 

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