Uddhav Thackeray will not spare anyone: Part 2

Uddhav Thackeray will not spare anyone: Part 2

Approx. 5 lakh passes are issued till now by the Govt agencies in the state to various people for various reasons since the lockdown begun. 

E.g. A particular set of people want to feed stray dogs or pegions, pass was demanded and issued accordingly.

Wadhawan was just one of such case, wherein a pass was demanded and issued accordingly , without cross checking, a grave mistake from Gupta.

As I wrote in my blog  , Amitabh Gupta’s controversy was like a well planned murder. The target was obviously Amitabh Gupta, but it was supposed to be equally detrimental for Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. But it obviously missed the Home Minister. 

How was  India’s most trusted intelligence person  allegedly involved? What I hear is this person wanted to settle scores with Anil Deshmukh due to that stupid letter that involved Tabligi blame games written on Deshmukh’s letter head was leaked.  But someone saw an opportunity to finish of one more competition (Amitabh Gupta) who was soon to become ADG and this person sent the letter to Delhi.

In the meanwhile , my friends in the bureaucracy are smart enough to know who must have sent this Amitabh Gupta fiasco letter to Delhi. So now you know how this became national news yesterday not to forget regional media too. How some section of the IPS  are hell bent on creating a rift between Sharad Pawar and CM Uddhav Thackeray and malign the CM’s image even during such trivial times ? Shameful. Disgusting!!

One Baba came in my dreams and said Next in queue is another honest IPS: who sits right next to CP Parambir Singh’s cabin . Vinoy Kumar Choubey!! Be careful, boss!!!

 *Vikrant Hemant Joshi*

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  1. Avatar Chirag K says:

    Humble request. Since you also have a large number of non-Marathi readers, please put English translations (even concise ones will do) for all your Marathi posts as well.

  2. Avatar राजे says:

    चिराग साहेब महाराष्ट्रात राहता तर मराठी आलेच पाहिजे, जर तुम्हाला इंग्लिश ही विदेशी भाषा येते तर मराठी न यायला लाज वाटली पाहिजे

  3. Avatar Chirag K says:

    श्री जोशींनी निर्णय घेऊ द्या. तो त्याचा ब्लॉग आहे. तुमचे नाही. हे विसरू नका की महाराष्ट्राच्या पलीकडेही एक मोठे जग आहे.

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