Adv Jayesh Wani stars in Shivsena

I know a bunch of  journalist’s who have a secret ambition of becoming a MLA or MLC one day in their lifetime. In Maharashtra, only one party is the lone source for fulfilling your ambition, journo’s. Yes, it’s # shivsena!! Now one  of our very own has dared to dream big.

 He is a superb journalist, a well known advocate and was recently in news to face the mighty Mahesh Jethmalani in the courtroom and yes, he came out as a winner! Many in Mantralaya and obviously Political circle  know him for his non nonsense attitude, but straight forward is what Jayesh Wani is! He doesn’t care a bit to speak his mind out, be it his place of work or in the courtroom. Today Jayesh has formally ventured in Shivsena and he was welcomed with open arms from none other than Yuvasena chief Aditya Thackeray. I’m sure today one more person is smiling at his success and that would his mentor Tulsidas V. Bhoite.i am sure Jayesh with all his qualities will certainly find his way to the top. Firebrand Jayesh, I wish you a lot of success, my dear friend!!

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