Param Bir Singh-Guilty or Non-Guilty? 

Param Bir Singh-Guilty or Non-Guilty? 

Finally, the day came when in the Ambani Bomb scare case CP Mumbai Param Bir Singh had to go. Sachin Vaze remains in NIA custody, Hemant Nagrale is appointed the new CP and LoP Devendra Fadnavis in Delhi held a very important press conference saying Vaze & Param Bir are mere pawns, the real culprit, the brain behind this, is yet to be exposed! So, friends, mere removal of Param Bir Singh is not the end of the story, as per the BJP. Already Vaze has shared some important Sena functionaries/leaders’ names and so has Fadnavis. NIA has also laid its hands on some of very important audio clips between Hiran & Vaze. And we all are aware of NIA style, they will build such a watertight case, that the culprit, be it anyone-political or non-political, they will have NO chance to fight this one, once caught!

By the way, sharing some important happenings that went around in the last two days. Devendra Fadnavis’s press conference at Delhi was not at all planned on the day it happened (yesterday). It was planned for today. Fadnavis’s ticket for today was ready and from there he was supposed to go to the EAST to be a part of the election campaign. Then why suddenly Fadnavis preponed his Press Conference? No, it wasn’t his idea. Delhi called him and made sure that not the NIA spokesperson, but it will be Fadnavis alone who will address this important Press Conference. Reason-This is a warning sign to the Government of Maharashtra that after Bengal, surely the attention is moving here. Now-one, the case of Mansukh Hiran had to gather national importance & coverage & two, only Fadnavis addressing it was a message to everyone–it is only him if at all BJP comes to power, who will be the BOSS. All speculations were put to rest. Thirdly, a matured and a very calculative Fadnavis made a major declaration in the Press. He said, Uddhav Thackeray had called him personally and sent his Ministers too recommending Sachin Vaze to reinstate in the force in 2018.  Now we all know Fadnavis is not the type to name & shame. Readers, please read between the lines of this Press Conference. If you have missed it, you-tube it…This is BJP, and now with the support of the Centre, starting a war with this MVA government.

Now the most important part– Param Bir Singh (PBS). Friends, if you recollect, PBS was never a favourite contestant to become the CP-Mumbai in CM Uddhav Thackeray’s mind. PBS was a choice of Sharad Pawar and Home being with the NCP, the selection of the Mumbai CP had to be in Pawar’s hands. And so, it happened when Sanjay Barve retired. And now since past two days since the NIA took custody of API Sachin Vaze, situation in PBS life had reversed. It was Sharad Pawar & HM Anil Deshmukh who wanted to remove PBS as soon as possible and it was CM Uddhav Thackeray who wanted to save him. What must have happened in this one year for the mentor to hate PBS and the hater to love PBS? No, there wasn’t any hate from the NCP.

PBS was made a ‘bali ka bakra’. In this entire case of Mansukh Hiran being killed, entire BJP wanted HM Anil Deshmukh’s removal from the post of Home Minister. They wanted him sacked. But then why would NCP want their person to lose the post? (After all Vishal Kadam & Rajendra Ahirwar are doing fabulous job for Anil Deshmukh–) And in all sincerity, HM had nothing to do with Vaze, PBS, and Hiran case. Even Vaze hasn’t named any NCP person to the NIA. So, NCP was correct. But Sena and CM Uddhav wanted Anil Deshmukh to resign and at the same time protect PBS, as it was the NCP who were hell bent when Uddhav wasn’t able to decide in Sanjay Rathod case. Rathod had to go, and NCP was OK with it. This time Sena wanted Deshmukh to go. But then as usual, in this fight, PBS became ‘bali ka bakra’ and believe me, the NIA hasn’t even called PBS for any inquiry nor has even summoned him till yet. No, I’m not a paid journalist, but we should look at the other side too, hence this counter.

Even if he gets summoned or is found guilty, one thing I will say, PBS had a habit of trusting his men too much. He had faith in them, trusted them blindly, and that’s where officer’s like Vaze took disadvantage of his nice and trusting nature. You never know…What if Vaze has briefed PBS wrongly at that time? What if NIA concludes Param Bir had nothing to do with the case? See we all know PBS. He is suave, loves his elite company of friends, and has been there done that guy! He wouldn’t go down to this level of Sachin Vaze nor he would support him, especially at the juncture when he was the CP. He ain’t stupid! Might be, I’m saying might be, he was misguided by Vaze and as said above took advantage of? Vaze on other hand never ever counted JT CP (L& O) and JT CP (Crime) as his boss. He had direct access to CP. He is the real culprit. Imagine the day Fadnavis was tearing this government down in Vidhan Sabha Vaze was with PBS for 2 hours, such were his relations with PBS. Only thing is, if PBS is guilty, let the law take its natural course, my point is why to spoil one’s career right at the end even before any report/finding is out. Even Devendra Fadnavis said, Vaze & PBS are mere pawns. But what is done, is done. Another one goes the Rakesh Maria way…I wouldn’t want to become the CP Mumbai, if this is what is in store. Mere a joke and a toy in third grade politicians’ hands!

I shall tell you, if a person whom Uddhav hates, it is very difficult to turn around things to enter good books of this CM. PBS did that in one year! Look till the very end, CM Uddhav fought for him! Rest all theories like the Helipad permission and all remain bakwaas. Everything would have been fine, had Hiran not been murdered. Government would have been able to save their face….it all depends on new CP Hemant Nagrale to turn the image around. He has able team of Vishwas Nangre Patil & Milind Bharambe to depend upon. Welcome Nagrale ji…

Vikrant Hemant Joshi 

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