Param Bir Singh and Maharashtra!

Param Bir Singh and Maharashtra!
Home Minister Anil Deshmukh use to ask Sachin Vaze to extort Rs. 100 Crore per month, claimed the letter bomb of ex CP Param Bir Singh. Had written in my last blog about how a certain Vishal Kadam, Rajendra Ahirwar (team of Anil Deshmukh) are having a good time even when they are not a part of any official post in Anil Deshmukh’s team. The letter bomb has also explained how Private Secretary to the Home Minister, Sanjeev Palande too was a part in all of this. It won’t come as a surprise if Anil Deshmukh is asked to resign. In fact, from credible sources even though Sharad Pawar has put the ball of ‘resignation of HM’ in CM Uddhav Thackeray’s court, it is learnt that the reshuffle of Minister’s portfolios cannot be ruled out.
Isn’t it like a typical stereotype Hindi Masala movie wherein the biggest boss is under the scanner due to a mistake of smallest pawn in the whole game? To explain, because of API Sachin Vaze CP Param Bir Singh has to go, because of Param Bir Singh’s letter bomb, Home Minister Deshmukh is in deep trouble now…he might have to go too….now who will HM Deshmukh blame? CM Thackeray or NCP supremo Sharad Pawar ? Reminds me of the famous dialogue from the Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Agneepath”
“Kehne ko yeh sheher hai…Sirf kehne ko..Par idhar jungle ka kanoon chalta hai maloom..Cheenti ko Bisturiya kha jaata hai..Bisturiya ko mendak..Mendak ko saanp nigal jaata hai..Nevla saanp ko maarta hai..Bhediya nevle ka khoon chus leta hai..Sher bhediye ko chaba jata hai..Idhar har taqatwar apne se kam ko maarkar jeeta hai”
Also if you haven’t forgotten what I had written, it is the beginning of the attack from the Centre… With all these deeds, MVA government is giving it’s government to the BJP on platter…Don’t you feel? Somewhere Supriya Sule said, ” Akela Devendra Kya Kar Lega?” Spoke too soon, I guess!
The drama continuous….
We all know on the Press conference day Devendra Fadnavis was in Delhi and then Nagpur. My sources confirm Param Bir Singh was in Delhi day after he was shunted out from the post of CP and met his ex colleagues in IPS posted there and God knows who all. NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar, whenever crises hit Maharashtra, goes to Delhi and has been there since. Now in the morning Ajit Pawar and Jayant Patil are also summoned By Pawar to Delhi. Will NCP pull off the support from the government & will Pawar kill his own baby (MVA government) is yet to be seen…
Why are Maharashtra equations drawn in Delhi ? And is something cooking ? My gut feel says, be it Presidential rule or any major disruption in current MVA government, everything will happen post Bengal results or if has to happen now, then everything depends on what Sharad Pawar decides, as he is the only one who can create a situation for Presidential rule ….One thing is for sure, both Sena and NCP have lost credibility big time. We cannot rule out mid-term polls in Maharashtra and yes, BJP will not partner anyone this time . And yes, those who wrote off NCB, ED and CBI wait karo…
 Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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  1. Avatar Amol says:

    People have accepted that politicians are corrupt. But this is too low level of politics.
    No one deny fact that there was Scorpio with explosives. Who drove there that vehicle, owner of vehicle are clear. But motive is not clear. Who was mastermind it is not clear. I think this will not come in public domain. NIA may find it but instead of punishing culprit, it may be used for political gain. If central agencies want to punish culprit, it also looks impossible. At that time narration will be created that center government is against Maharashtra or so called progressive people. Let assume that 100 crores are collected by HM. But off course he have to give its share to stakeholders. Is it possible to any agency to file case against those stakeholder? I don’t think so. It is very rare situation.
    As common people, we can only see this circus. There is surge in Corona cases in Maharashtra but all ministers are either at Delhi or Quarantine at home or drinking lukewarm water. Who is leading Maharashtra nowadays? Saving government or own skin is more important than Corona. Really frustrating!!

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